12v Heaters

12v heaters, or 12 volt heaters as they are also known, are simply heaters that operate on a lower power of heat compared to conventional heaters.

The 12v heater does not use as high a voltage as it is usually a smaller appliance, so can be used for many diverse heating applications. They are practical for heating small spaces for where there may not be a heating system, or locations that are not intended for heating, though which could benefit fromĀ  it. They can also supplement existing heaters, such as a 12v car heater which may be used to add warmth to inbuilt car heaters.

12v Electric Heaters

Not just for winter use, 12 volt heaters are ideal for all year round use, even for emergency use in the summer months when temperatures may suddenly drop. Nonetheless, these heaters can also be used in warm weather conditions by turning the heater setting to radiate cool air instead of hot air.

Run by electricity, these appliances can either be wired or plugged into electric outlets to provide an efficient level of heat, and all 12v electric heaters are included with any needed wiring for an easy and hassle free installation.

12v Car Heater

A 12 volt heater can be found the majority of the time in cars and commercial vehicles.

12 volt heaters for cars are slim lined devices designed to fit easily on the top of the dashboard inside of the car. The majority of 12v car heaters incorporate adjustable mounting bases in order to position the heater at specific angles which will heat up the driver and any passengers to a comforting temperature.

The 12 volt car heater operates by plugging the unit in to any 12 volt power socket such as the built in lighter socket to provide not just efficient heating, but safe heating too.

12v Water Heater

A very different type of heater running on 12 volts is one designed to heat up water. A 12v water heater is essentially an element meant to be immersed into water, either to assist large fixed water heaters in providing hot water, or to be used in its own right. These heaters can be used as portable units similar to the previous car heater, though this type can help heat bottles of water to make tea or coffee when travelling. The 12 volt water heater is therefore a perfect solution for staying warm on a cold day.

12v Ceramic Heater

12v heaters are available in many coloured finishes and use a variety of materials to provide heat, the most common being a 12v ceramic heater. The 12 v ceramic heater is a particularly sturdy appliance, which will also give reliable heating results.

12v Heater Benefits

As they do not run on high voltages, all 12 v heaters are highly economical to use, one of the main benefits of using these heaters over expensive heating systems. They are also very versatile devices, with adjustable fan speeds, and can switch between hot and cold air.

12 volt heaters are ideal for both domestic and business users, and are paramount for when travelling, either for holidays or work commitments.