Aquarium Heaters

Essential for all domestic or commercial aquariums filled with either salt water or fresh water are aquarium heaters. As most domestically kept fish and aquatic life have to be kept at a stable above room temperature, the aquarium heater provides a comfortable temperature that can be maintained all day long in order to keep fish healthy. These heaters can be set to exact temperatures using adjustable thermostats to provide the tank with the required heat.

How Do Aquarium Heaters Work?

Although aquarium heaters operate by electricity, they can be completely submerged in the water with no harmful risks. They are presented as thin glass tubes with the heating element wrapped around a ceramic or glass insert. These appliances are available with different wattage ratings for aquariums with different heating requirements, depending on how big the tank is and how much heat it needs.

25w Aquarium Heater

A small aquarium heater usually operates on a less powerful wattage because of the need to only heat reduced spaces. The 25w aquarium heater is more suited for heating tanks containing up to 25 litres of water, ideal for small bowls than standard tanks.

The compact size of smaller aquariums means it can be more difficult to maintain a high water temperature as the surface area of the glass is larger than the amount of water contained in it, so the glass will consume most of the heat. Therefore, a larger aquarium heater is normally needed, but the mini aquarium heater, or 25 watt aquarium heater, counteracts this by producing similarly efficient heating.

50w Aquarium Heater and 100w Aquarium Heater

A 50w aquarium heater is needed for tanks between 22 to 44 litres of water, while a 100w aquarium heater is designed to heat tanks between 50 to 100 litres.

300w Aquarium Heater

For heating a particularly large aquarium is the 300w aquarium heater, which provides vast heating capabilities compared to smaller models. However, larger commercial sized tanks may benefit from two or more of these 300 watt aquarium heaters, which would be especially useful if one malfunctions or breaks.

External Aquarium Heater

For those concerned about the appearance of their fish tank, an external aquarium heater may be better suited to maintain the pleasing visual aspect of the aquarium. They are attached to the back of the tank and use an external filter or water pump to supply the tank with warm water so no unnecessary equipment has to be submerged into it.

Titanium Aquarium Heaters

Although aquarium heaters made of glass are the most common type, titanium aquarium heaters may be a safer alternative. Titanium is a virtually indestructible material; extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. These heaters are also excellent conductors of heat and can produce efficient heating in very little time.

Aquarium Heater Features

Aquarium heaters are very easy to install, and simply attach to the fish tank wall with supplied suction caps, a main advantage of these units.

They are also very safe appliances as some are even available with cut off features if there is a risk of overheating.

Given the diversity of wattage available to power these units, aquarium heaters for sale are ideal for both domestic tanks and larger commercial ones.