Camping Heaters

Ideal appliances for those who enjoy the outdoors are camping heaters. They are designed to provide sufficient heating all year round for when camping or partaking in outdoor leisure activities.

Otherwise known as portable camping heaters, these units are very compact in size, therefore can be easily transported in a bag when travelling from place to place. The camping heater usually incorporates a carry handle if a carry case is not available.

Camping Gas Heaters

Portable heaters for camping operate using a variety of heat sources, with the most popular being those that utilise gas.

Gas camping heaters have been known to provide high levels of heating efficiency, and can use natural gas, butane gas, or most commonly, propane gas. Whichever gas is used, these heaters radiate warm air with piezo ignition, which automatically creates a spark of gas when a small spring loaded hammer is pressed, in order for it to produce heat.

Most camping gas heaters have high gas consumptions per hour, meaning quality heating is provided at rapid heat up times. Gas cartridges are required to clip into the gas camping heater, and these can be purchased in bulk from many stockists.

Electric Camping Heaters

Becoming a strong contender to the camping gas heater is the electric camping heater.  This type of heater works slightly differently to the previous model as it uses a low wattage, though has a large number of small holes that the heat radiates from in order for it to reach the surroundings quickly and efficiently.

Electric camping heaters are also more advanced with many additional features such as electronic temperature controls, and ambient temperature sensors.

Tent Heaters For Camping

A camping heater for tent use is the most common use for these appliances, especially when temperatures dramatically drop outside at night.

Camping heaters for tents are able to heat smaller areas of space, though the tent must be kept well ventilated for safety reasons in order to avoid the risk of potential carbon monoxide emissions. Although the tent must therefore be continuously filled with outside air, this does not reduce the effectiveness of the heater. Tent heaters for camping are ideal for tents made out of poly cotton or cotton canvas to increase air circulation.

Camping Water Heater

A camping heater not just for providing hot air is a camping water heater. These heaters are often gas powered, and are particularly useful for making hot drinks or for use in cooking when outdoors. Larger camping water heaters can be used for showering as they come with a hose and regulator, and an adjustable shower head.

Portable Camping Heater

A primary benefit of the portable camping heater is the safety features it incorporates. Most of these heaters are available with a safety tip over switch, which automatically cuts off power to protect the ceramic heater plates from coming into contact with anything, particularly the floor of a tent.

Uses  of Camping Heaters

Not solely camping heaters for tents, these devices can provide heat for caravans, camper vans, or even fish houses when using for leisure purposes. They are also ideal for use in business for outdoor food places or entertainment venues.