Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are designed for heating larger areas of space, but unlike other heaters, the ceramic material is a key component for them to be able to operate. They work by passing electricity through heating wires which are embedded in ceramic plates located in the heaters, which are then heated up. The heat from the plates is then absorbed by aluminium baffles, which makes the heat able to travel around a room as a fan then blows air across them and out of the heater.

This process enables a medium to high level of heat which is more efficient compared to other types of space heaters as more electricity can be turned into heat because of the ceramic element. Heat radiation can also be regulated by the owner by using a manual thermostat incorporated on the ceramic heater for easy room temperature control.

Ceramic Fan Heater

Ceramic fan heaters are lightweight, portable appliances that can utilise wide areas of space in their designs in order to provide extensive heat coverage for both domestic and business environments.  In addition to their effective heating capacities, ceramic fan heaters are a very safe option as they regulate themselves by automatically shutting off electricity if the ceramic plates become too hot. The ceramic element is therefore more beneficial than other heating elements as it poses less of a fire risk.

Ceramic Car Heater

Ceramic car heaters are popular versions of these types of heaters because of their practical and convenient functions. The in car ceramic heater is designed to supplement inbuilt car heaters to produce instant, warm heat, and its multifunctional purpose also helps to defrost windscreens on icy mornings.

A ceramic car heater is also ideal for use in the summer months as it can operate on a fan only setting to add a cool breeze into the car.

Ceramic Wall Heaters

In combining functionality and style, ceramic wall heaters work in the same way as standing ceramic heaters, but incorporate a slim compact design which makes them more appealing for use in the home and at work.

A ceramic wall heater is easy to install onto a wall, and can then be painted to match any décor in all types of locations.

Ceramic Tower Heaters

Ceramic tower heaters, on the other hand, are designed to be free standing, therefore can be moved to and from different rooms without taking up a substantial area of space. A ceramic tower heater is actually more efficient than other variations, as it is able to distribute warmth evenly throughout the room because its base swings back and forth.

As these heaters run by electricity no tricky installations are required, as would be the case with other heat sources. Instead, the ceramic heater is simply plugged in and can be transported to one of the many sockets around the home or office, the built-in carry handle emphasising this portable function.

As ceramic heaters are contemporary appliances, they are ideal for both domestic and business purposes, as well as being able to provide a comfortable warm temperature for any environment.