Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are a very popular option for both domestic and commercial customers seeking heating solutions. They have the advantage of being relatively cheap, adaptable and portable. These benefits have led to electric heaters being used in a wide variety of situations, and in many different locations, from homes to sheds and from factories to offices. There are many different types of electric heater, each with their own benefits and specific applications.

Electric Fires

Electric fires is the catch-all term to describe small electric heaters, usually generating heat via heating electric elements. Some may also use fans to aid the heating process. A number of different types are available: wall mounted electric fires are suitable for any type of building with a wall of suitable strength, while free standing electric fires and portable electric fires are designed to be moved around easily. Inset electric fires, on the other hand, are often used where space is at a premium.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators work differently, relying on convection as their primary method of space heating. Like electric fires, they are designed to be used safely and effectively in most domestic and commercial environments. The most common variants are oil filled electric radiators and water filled electric radiators. Slimline electric radiators and wall mounted electric radiators also exist to allow flexibility of positioning.

Electric Storage Heaters

Electric storage heaters, also known as electric night storage heaters, are a special type of electric heater designed to store heat when electricity is cheap then release it when it is most needed, or when electricity is expensive to buy. Their design incorporates clay bricks and extra insulation, and in addition to standard models slimline electric storage heaters and fan assisted storage heaters are available.

Electric Wall Heaters

If unobtrusive heating is required in domestic or commercial buildings, electric wall heaters are a good option. They are available in a number of sizes, with some models targeted at the home, and some models targeted at industrial use. Installation is relatively straightforward, and slimline electric wall heaters are available that are even less obtrusive than standard models.

Electric Fan Heaters

Sometimes electric heaters are required that can heat a room or other space up quickly: electric fan heaters are often the best choice if this is the case. In addition to improving heating speed the fan also helps these heaters heat a wider area, since the heated air is driven out from the heater, rather than just moving via convection. Electric fan heaters are, however, more expensive to run than standard electric heaters.

Electric Patio Heaters

When heating an outdoor space, electric patio heaters can be very effective. Unlike gas patio heaters, which run on a fuel tank, electric patio heaters can run off mains electricity. They are also less noisy, are efficient in converting energy to heat, and come in free standing or wall mounted versions.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are a common sight in many offices, and are increasingly being used in some types of accommodation. Older style models may take time to heat water, or store water in an attached tank. Newer models, however, are much more efficient: instant electric water heaters can provide hot water instantaneously, while tankless electric water heaters function without a tank.

Electric Bathroom Heaters

Due to the increased amount of moisture that is usually present, specialist electric heaters are required for bathrooms. These electric bathroom heaters come in a variety of options: wall mounted, fan assisted and slimline electric bathroom heaters are all popular. Electric towel rails also come under this classification, as they are most common in bathrooms.

Electric Greenhouse Heaters

As fuel costs make traditional types of greenhouse heater more costly to run, electric greenhouse heaters are becoming more popular. If a mains power supply is available, they are often more reliable than traditional non-electric greenhouse heaters, and often have a greater range of functions and safety features.

Other Electric Heaters

Aside from the types already outlined, there are many other types of electric heater. These include: electric panel heaters, electric convector heaters, electric radiant heaters, electric pool heaters, electric plinth heaters, electric tubular heaters and portable electric heaters.

Other Electric Appliances

Aside from various types of heaters, electricity can also be used to power useful appliances such as electric boilers and electric cookers.