Electric Bathroom Heaters

A perfect solution for instant heat requirements in areas with high levels of water and or steam is the use of bathroom heaters. Electric bathroom heaters provide efficient heating capabilities for any type of bathroom; large bathrooms for business use, and smaller sized bathrooms for use in the home.

Electric bathroom heaters work independently and do not have to be connected to existing heating systems, making them ideal for backup heating if the main heat source breaks, or is not available. This also makes this type of heater a much more convenient option when compared to other heater types, as they are simple to install and easy to use, saving time and money.

Electric Bathroom Heater Installation

As electricity is used to power the bathroom heater, it is not confined by the need of any pipe work, so has the freedom to be placed in more areas of the room unlike heaters using other sources of power. The electric bathroom heater simply requires a connection to the electrical circuit, and can be installed in minutes.

Electric Bathroom Heaters: Wall Mounted

There are a number of differently shaped and sized electric bathroom heaters. Wall mounted variations are usually compact in size, perfect for smaller bathrooms as they can be fitted anywhere within it. They are popular options for all types of bathroom environment, domestic or business, and most models incorporate energy saving thermostats which self regulate, turning the heat output down once the room is at the desired temperature.

Electric bathroom wall heaters come with built in wall mounting brackets, so are almost as easy to install as other electric heaters. They are additionally just as simple to use, as they operate by pull cords.

Electric Bathroom Fan Heaters

Similar to wall mounted variations, electric bathroom fan heaters are also compact in size, ideal for where space is limited. Electric fan heaters are able to operate as the main heating source and heat up the bathroom quickly, though the fan can be noisy.

Electric Bathroom Towel Rail Heaters

Not just for heating bathroom towels, electric bathroom towel rail heaters (also known as electric towel rails) provide a comforting heat for the user by warming the whole room. This multi-purpose bathroom heater operates in a similar way to conventional radiators whereby the radiating heat also dries bathroom towels. However, electric towel rail heaters work by connecting to the electricity supply as opposed to the central heating system, so are able to provide heat without having to turn the main heating on.

Slimline Electric Bathroom Heaters

All electric heaters for bathrooms also come in a variety of designs, such as slimline; a modern, innovative alternative to traditional electric heaters. They also available in different colours and materials, such as chrome and stainless steel, though most are simply white.

The primary benefit of the electric bathroom heater is that it can be as efficient as some central heating systems, and as it is not part of the main heating, there is a greater freedom of choice with respect to use. The electrical aspect provides a much faster warm up time than wet filled equivalents, yet can also be more economical.

Electric bathroom heaters are not solely designed for home use, but they are ideal for large commercial bathrooms, for example in offices, hotels, and care homes.