Electric Boilers

Although not traditionally used for central heating, electric boilers are becoming more prominent in a lot of home and business environments.

How Do Electric Boilers Work?

The electric boiler works in a similar way to gas boilers and oil boilers, heating water to provide the whole building with a continuous supply of hot water. The electric power source is, however, often a cheaper option than boilers that utilise fossil fuels.

Electric central heating boilers are designed to operate on a fully pumped wet system, producing hot water by passing cold water over elements in the insulated heat exchanger, which ultimately heats the water.

Electric boiler efficiency rates often surpass the efficiency of other sources of heat, as they are almost 100% effective in converting power to heat. Ina ddition, when compared to other electric heaters they are quite specialised, being designed purely for the purpose of heating water as efficently as possible. They differ from tankless water heaters in that they pre-heat a tank of hot water, rather than heating water as required.

Electric Boiler Running Costs

Electric boiler running costs can be relatively low when powering during off-peak electricity hours.

Although it obviously depends on individual usage, property size, and quality of insulation, long term costs may be much cheaper than gas and oil boilers when using particular tariffs such as Economy 7.

Electric Boiler Repair

An electric boiler repair is a very simple yet effective service. Only the front the electric boiler needs to be accessed when undergoing a repair, so the appliance can be placed in many spaces, even the smallest of ones.

However, a frequent electric boiler service is not required unless there is a particular problem with the boiler’s performance, another advantage over other types of boiler.

Electric Combi Boiler

The most effective of both commercial electric boilers and electric boilers for home heating are ones which produce hot water for both heating and water purposes. Electric combination boilers are a popular choice for owners, as multiple outlets can benefit from them, such as radiators and taps, while still only using a single boiler. This is ideal for when space is limited, and electric combi boilers are a more cost effective option from there being no need to purchase two separate appliances.

Electric Water Heaters

Not just for central heating, some smaller electric boilers can be used to fulfil less demanding heating requirements. An electric water boiler, otherwise known as an electric water heater, is a small appliance specifically used for providing an immediate source of clean, hot water for making things such as tea and coffee.

Like central heating boilers, electric water boilers warm cold water up via the heating element, which can then be dispensed in various ways, such as pouring, or by an electrical pump.  Some models even have inbuilt thermostats which automatically shuts off the boiler when it has reached the required temperature.

Electric Boilers for Central Heating

As has been previously highlighted, electric boilers for central heating  can be much more effective than gas and oil alternatives, despite the fact that they have not been around for as long as other types of boilers. They are also very safe appliances, as no fumes are emitted, and are fully controlled with automatic monitoring systems.

As electric boilers have huge heating capabilities, they can supply not just a home, but working environments, including large warehouses, with heat and water throughout whole buildings.