Electric Convector Heaters

Ideally suited for heating closed spaces, electric convector heaters are designed not for heating people directly, but heating the air around them. They operate by convection, the electrical source heating the air next to the heater after air convection currents flow through the body of the appliance and across the electric element. As the air is heated up, it becomes less dense than cool air, and therefore rises whilst increasing in volume. The cool air is then replaced, and the process starts again, creating a constant flow of hot air which heats the surroundings and ultimately the people in them.

Electric convector heaters, or electric convection heaters as they are also known, are one of the safest heaters around, as they have a low ignition hazard risk in the event that they make contact with furnishings.

Electric Convector Heater Features

The majority of these types of heaters are designed with various heat settings, allowing a room to reach the desired temperature of the owner. Safety cut out features also enhance the security of electric convector heaters, as if they fall or are knocked over they will automatically cut off, minimising the risk of fire.

Electric Convector Heaters With Timers

Electric convector heaters are often incorporated with timers which are programmed to stop radiating heat when the room reaches the optimum temperature, preventing excess use of costly electricity as well as being energy efficient.

As the convector heater utilises electricity, there is no need for any pipe work and it does not have to be connected to existing heating systems. Operating independently, the electric convector simply requires a plug socket connection, making it ideal for backup heating if the main heat source breaks, or is not available.

Wall Mounted Electric Convector Heaters

Most models of these types of heaters are suitable for use as wall heaters. Electric wall mounted convector heaters are very versatile, in that they can be placed anywhere in a room without taking up floor space. They are available in stylish, slim designs, therefore are compatible to fit into any room as long as it has an electric socket.

Nevertheless, if mounting them is not an option anymore, most wall mounted electric convector heaters come with removable stands, emphasising their versatility.

Turbo Fan Electric Convector Heaters

Turbo fan electric convector heaters help to circulate heat faster which ultimately results in less time needed to heat up a room. However, these types of heaters can also be used to provide a rush of cool air if required. Like other variations, electric convector turbo fan heaters can be used as either freestanding or wall mounted for a more fixed heating solution.

Recent advances in technology have led to electric convector heaters operating silently, a crucial benefit of these electric heaters. They are efficient at radiating heat at a quick pace as they push air past heating coils, and are very light appliances, so are easy to pick up and transport.

The electric convector heater is a great choice for both domestic and business environments. It is ideal for lofts and garages in the home where there is no central heating, in addition to many warehouses in industrial locations which may also have no heating systems.