Electric Cookers

Electric cookers are becoming increasingly popular in most modern kitchens. They include the same features as gas powered cookers with a hob of normally four cooking zones, a grill, and a main oven, though they are generally quicker appliances for heating food.

Electric Cooker Features

The electric cooker is ideal for those with no access to a mains gas supply, and is instead simply wired directly into a cooker socket. They are multifunctional, being able to easily handle various foods at the same time, and have the option of incorporating a fan into the design.

These cookers either include normal grills, half grills, or fan grills, and the main oven usually has two shelves. Furthermore, the oven door is most often made of glass, and has a viewing window so that its contents can be frequently checked without having to open the door which would cause wasted heat.

The height of the electric cooker can be adjusted when installing it for adaptability, and to match additional kitchen appliances and surfaces.

Electric cookers for sale can be bought either built in for a more integrated, fixed cooking solution, or can be free standing.

Free Standing Electric Cookers

Freestanding electric cookers are usually larger units than standard electric cookers, offering a greater level of flexibility in terms of cooking abilities. They are cheaper than range cookers and built in cookers, and simply slot into existing gaps in the kitchen, while also adding style to the room.

Fans that distribute heat around the oven are usually found in free standing electric cookers, another modern aspect of these heaters.

They are available with double ovens, single ovens with separate grills, single ovens with built in grills, and single ovens with eye-level grills.

Electric Range Cookers

Cookers that are traditional in appearance with huge surface areas but maintain modern features are electric range cookers. Although they are not as cheap as others, these cookers have impressive heating capabilities, and normally include a double oven and multiple gas burners, most often six.

The electric range cooker has double glazed thermo-reflecting doors integrated into the design in order to keep the outside surface cool, a safety feature paramount to these heaters.

Second Hand Electric Cookers

Second hand electric cookers are a good option for home and commercial kitchens that are particularly traditional in style, which these models aim to maintain, especially electric range cookers. In addition, cheap electric cookers that are brand new are widely available, with the cost of electricity increasingly becoming a cost effective source of heat. Electric cooker spares are also available at low costs, whether it is hob, grill, or oven parts that are in need of replacement.

Electric Cooker Safety

Electric cookers are considered safe heating appliances compared to gas and oil alternatives, though without diminished heating powers, a main benefit of these cookers.

The majority of electric cookers are also ‘A’ rated, meaning they are the most efficient type of cooker around.

As electric cookers are usually of a large capacity, they can be used for family homes, and would be perfect for business use in restaurants and pubs, etc.