Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters generate heat by pumping air over a heating element by using a fan. The air is heated by the motion of the fan and is then disseminated into the surrounding area. Electric fan heaters are generally available in two main variants: wall mounted and floor standing. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these designs, and thus there are many factors to consider for the interested buyer.

Floor Standing Electric Fan Heaters

The main advantage of a floor standing electric fan heater is that it is portable and can be positioned exactly where the user desires. This can be useful if the user wants to heat a particular section of a room first, or if the user wants to move the heater into another room.

As they are so portable and quick to heat up, floor standing electric fan heaters are ideal for use in small apartments and even more so in caravans and other small holiday homes, where heat can be generated quickly and easily in a manner that does not take up much space. They can be transported easily and packed away quickly when not in use.

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Wall mounted electric heaters however are not portable and are restricted to a single location unless the user dismantles the wall mount and assembles it elsewhere, which can be a lengthy process. On the other hand, when used as wall heaters electric fan heaters do not take up any floor space and do not present the danger of a tripping hazard, as is the case of the floor standing variants. Electric fan heaters of both varieties may also generate a lot of noise.

Electric Fan Heater Benefits

There are also advantages and disadvantages to electric fan heaters when compared to other kinds of heating systems. Electric fan heaters are generally higher wattage than standard electric heaters, and so using many electric fan heaters at once can quickly generate large heating bills. Despite this however, they do heat rooms in a very short period of time. Furthermore, if the portable electric fan heater or wall mounted electric fan heater has no external ventilation, then all the energy put into the fan will be returned to the room as heat, with no energy being lost in the transfer.

For home users, there are a range of variants of electric fan heaters available, with different features depending on the user’s needs. Timers and thermostats are common features, as is the ability to activate the fan with a remote control.

Portable Electric Fan Heaters

Many floor standing portable electric fan heaters are also fitted with an adjustable base or set of legs so that they can be angled in various different ways. Some models also possess the ability to be operated as an air cooler, where the fan simply blows air around the room without heating it. Electric portable heaters with fans are very convenient to use.

Remote Control Electric Fan Heaters

For business users, large models are available that have much higher output and may include additional safety features such as automatic cut-off switches in case of thermal overload. Some models may be fitted towards the top of the wall of a room, taking up little usable space and being operated by a remote control.