Electric Fires

The modern electric fire is a much more eco-friendly and safer alternative to the polluting coal and gas fires, whilst still imitating the features of a natural fire. Electric fires mimic fireplaces that burn coal, wood and natural gases to produce a variety of fire effects. Instead of using the conventional chimney feature, they simply plug into the wall, without the need for gas pipe installations.

The simple to fit electric fire can run on a flame only setting which is perfect for an all year round use, some models even including remotes to control the level of heat and intensity of the flame. Electric fireplaces come in many different styles, colours and finishes, allowing tradition to cross with the contemporary.

Most of these electric heaters come fan assisted, and the heat the fire generates varies, but they typically consume 1.4-1.6 kilowatts (kWh), which can heat a 400 sq ft room.

Wall Mounted Electric Fires

Wall mounted electric fires, or wall hung electric fires, are one of the main types of electric fires. The stylish yet practical hanging feature allows the fireplace to be incorporated anywhere in the living room as there is no need for a fireplace opening or surround set, all the while creating a modern effect. Wall mounted electric fires come in different shapes and sizes, and  hang directly onto an interior wall of the home, a practical solution for where there is no existing fireplace or chimney. Indeed, using electric fires as wall heaters is an increasingly popular option.

Free Standing Electric Fires

Free standing electric fires are designed to fit flat against the wall, so no inset depth of the fireplace is required. Designs include a log effect free standing electric fire, and some have separate fire glow operation features, adding a visual element to the fireplace.

Inset Electric Fires

Inset electric fires, on the other hand, can be fitted into an existing fireplace opening, or secured flat to a wall using a spacer kit, to turn them into a free standing electric fire. They are ideal for replacing old gas or electric fires, and most inset electric fires are a perfect fireplace solution.

Flame Effect Electric Fires

The contemporary electric fire allows a fireplace to incorporate many effects in its design, one being a flame effect electric fire. Flame effect electric fires add a fashionable element to the traditional coal or gas fire, whilst offering great warmth to a room, as well as heating efficiently.

Coal Effect Electric Fires

Similarly, coal effect electric fires also mix traditional fireplaces with modern fireplaces, with other electric fire variations using pebble fuel beds, driftwood, and warm under bed glow features.

Portable Electric Fires

As the electric fire simply plugs into the wall with no requirement of a chimney, it is often portable, and so can be easily moved to different locations in the living room without any remodelling. The efficiency of electric fires is another benefit; optional heat settings at the flick of a switch make life easier for the owner whilst simultaneously saving the environment from pollution.

Because of these benefits, an electric fire is ideal and convenient for both domestic users and business users; the convenience of the electric feature of these heaters additionally granting ease of access for both users.