Electric Greenhouse Heaters

A popular choice for gardeners and gardening businesses alike are greenhouse heaters. Electric powered models are of a wide range, and are designed to simply plug into an electric socket and stand on the ground inside the greenhouse. Electric heaters often come with long power cables so they can fit easily outside in the greenhouse, so are a good alternative to those powered by gas, which may not be available at the time.

Electric greenhouse heaters are similar to electric fan heaters, in that the air movement is provided by internal fans inside the appliance. The fans spread heat quickly evenly around the whole greenhouse, whether the greenhouse is big or small. Circulating hot air not only maintains a considerable level of warmth inside the greenhouse, but this additionally helps to prevent damp and disease within it.

However, the greenhouse must be well insulated prior to using these heaters, or costs will spiral, and the greenhouse heater may not be able to cope on cold winter nights.

Electric Greenhouse Heater Functions

Electric greenhouse fan heaters, as they are otherwise known as, are multi functional, as they have the ability to operate on a fan only setting, making them perfect for year round use. They are ideal during the warm summer months so that cool air can be circulated inside the overheated greenhouse, which is also necessary for the pollination of many flowers.

The fan can be left switched on for long periods of time without it using much energy, and the use of low maintenance steel blades make the electric greenhouse a durable, long term investment.

Electric Greenhouse Tubular Heaters

Electric greenhouse tubular heaters are ideal for providing a gentle, radiant heat in the greenhouse. Very small, and designed in the shape of a tube, these heaters would easily fit into smaller greenhouses, and can be used individually, or wired together.

Electric tubular heaters for greenhouses are effective appliances for frost protection and are incorporated with additional hose and sprinkle resisters.

Electric Greenhouse Heaters With Thermostat

The majority of electric greenhouse heaters come with built-in thermostats, an essential feature for cost efficiency. The thermostat detects the air temperature around the unit, and automatically switches the heater off when it has reached the desired temperature, and then switches on again when the temperature has fallen. Electric greenhouse heaters with thermostats keep the temperature remarkably constant to avoid expensive electricity peaks, in addition to being energy efficient.

Electric Greenhouse Heater Safety Features

Safety cut off features are imperative for all electric greenhouse heaters. Not just the thermostat, the heater has another temperature controller, which switches off the heating coil if there is a fault, a major benefit for these types of heaters.

However, these safety features do not diminish the quality of heat output, as the powerful fan provides desired temperatures for many sizes of greenhouse.

The electric greenhouse heater is suitable for all domestic greenhouses, and can even extend its use for conservatories: conservatory heaters can provide heat where there may not be a central heating system. Given the powerful heat that these appliances produce, they can also be used in larger commercial greenhouses.