Electric Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters are ideal for almost any type of environment, as they are most often compact, and can be placed anywhere. They are still able, though, to provide rapid heat which can be controlled at the flick of a switch, making them just as efficient as standard electric heaters.

The electric aspect of these types of heaters allows the home or work place to be provided with a more energy efficient form of heat, which does not pollute the air as much as other alternatives.

Electric Panel Heater Features

The electric panel heater is generally used as an effective way to extend an existing heating system when buildings are being refurbished or new rooms added in domestic or business settings. Most electric panel heaters incorporate front air outlet grilles for efficient heat circulation, lockable dust covers to protect the heater’s controls, and most models are splashproof, useful for bathrooms or any other wet environment.

Electric Panel Heater Running Costs

Electric panel heater running costs are to be particularly noted, as these types of heaters can run from just as little as 1p-2p per hour. This makes them cost effective as well as being energy efficient, although if peak electricity is used, this could make running the electric panel heaters expensive.

Electric Panel Heaters: Wall Mounted

As stated previously all environments can benefit from electric panel heaters, though electric panel heaters installed as wall heaters are the most popular choice. They are ideal for a wide range of heating applications because of their space saving features, though are still competent in providing efficient electrical heating.

The majority of wall mounted electric panel heaters come with a fast fit locking wall bracket for a quick and easy installation, and the most practical of these heaters incorporate a hinged bracket which allows the appliance to be tilted away from the wall for ease of decorating or cleaning. The electrical aspect provides additional convenience, as the heater is simply plugged in to the mains supply.

Slimline Electric Panel Heaters

Slimline electric panel heaters are often associated with wall mounted variations, though can be incorporated in traditional floor standing electric panel heaters. This modern feature allows these heaters to fit anywhere because of their compact shape, without the loss of a great deal of floor space, even in floor standing variations. They still have the ability to warm objects wherever they are placed at fast heat up times.

Electric Panel Heaters With Timer

Electric panel heaters with timers are the most practical of these types of heater as they significantly help reduce running costs. A built in 24 hour timer allows the heater to be programmed in advance and automatically run during off-peak hours which provides accurate, cost effective control of each individual heater.

An attractive benefit of electric panel heaters is the stylish features incorporated in their designs. Smooth finishes and rounded corners give a designer look, and a choice of coloured finishes will fit into any modern interior.

These heaters usually operate silently, providing added practicality whilst maintaining sufficient heat output.

Electric panel heaters are ideal for domestic use for areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, conservatories, and especially in bathrooms as bathroom heaters, whilst still being an effective heating alternative for business use in working offices.