Electric Plinth Heaters

Slim heaters designed for being built into furniture are electric plinth heaters. Also known as kick space heaters and baseboard heaters, these appliances fit just about anywhere where there is space for them. They can be used to supplement, or even replace, traditional radiators which often take up valuable space in the home, and even at work.  These heaters instead have the ability to discreetly provide heat, and are mainly fitted at the bottom of cupboards for when space is limited.

However, the electric plinth heater is able to heat a room much quicker than conventional heating systems in addition to being small and compact.

How Do Electric Plinth Heaters Work?

Plinth heaters take the shape of square blocks, and as they run by electricity, they can be simply switched on and off as required. Most types operate with a 2kW heat output, and they do not require any pipe work so can be easily installed.

Wherever the heater is installed into, a space should be left for the appliance to ensure adequate circulation. Electric plinth heaters should also be placed along the longer side of the room to ensure a more efficient distribution of heat.

There are three models of electric plinth heaters to choose from; ones that are manual, require a remote, or have no controls.

Electric Plinth Heaters for Kitchens

The most popular application for electric plinth heaters is for use in kitchens. Electric plinth heaters for kitchens are replacements for large radiators so more units can be fitted into the kitchen. These electric heaters are designed to fit at the bottom of kitchen cupboard units, and can be sufficient on their own in heating up the whole of the room.

Hydronic Plinth Heaters

A hydronic plinth heater runs directly through the existing central heating system, so is much more efficient than standard plinth heaters. Hydronic plinth heaters use the water in central heating pipes as a way of transferring heat into the room, which offers a much larger heat output while still saving space.

Electric Plinth Heater with Thermostat

A more modern type of plinth heater is one that is incorporated with a thermostat. The electric plinth heater with thermostat allows the heat radiated to be more controlled by letting the owner set the temperature. Heaters with this added feature usually come with remote controls for extra ease of use. Some also have built in temperature cut out features which automatically switch the heater off if it overheats.

Electric plinth heaters come in a standard white finish, though overlay replacement grilles are available in different colours such as white, brown, or silver.  This allows these heaters to match the room’s decor and blend into the surroundings.

Benefits of Electric Plinth Heaters

In addition to being compact appliances, electric plinth heaters are able to operate with a low level of noise. Not just for providing sufficient heat, they can operate on a fan only setting for air circulation in warmer weather.

Besides fitting into kitchen appliances, the electric plinth heater can be installed in even the smallest of spaces in the home, such as stair risers. They are also designed for working and commercial environments, ideal for reception areas and libraries.