Electric Pool Heaters

Electric pool heaters are the ideal solution for pool use, not just in the summer months, but all throughout the year. They are designed for all swimming pools sizes, though smaller ones may benefit from them more.

These water heaters are able to warm up water at fast heat up times to maximise the enjoyment of a domestic or commercial swimming pool.

The electric pool heater can be easily installed into the pool, and simply turn on at the flick of a switch to provide comforting heat, even when it is ice cold outside.

How Do Electric Pool Heaters Work?

They operate via a pump, in a similar way to an air conditioning unit, whereby the heater does not generate heat, but transfers it. Inside the appliance is a heat exchanger, which transfers heat from the air, and uses a compressor to transport it to the pool water. This results in a sufficient level of comforting heat, which can be increased or decreased in temperature as required with adjustable thermostats.

Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Although electric swimming pool heaters are often in remote locations where a supply of electricity is not nearby, the heat source can still be easier to obtain than fossil fuel alternatives.

Electric Plug In Pool Heaters

Electric plug in pool heaters can also be used to minimise costs, as they do not require tricky installations.  However, these electric heaters are more suited to smaller pools that are no bigger than 10ft as they do not provide as much heat compared to other options. Instead, for larger pools, an electric pool heater may be wired into the pool for a more powerful source of heating.

Electric Above Ground Pool Heaters

Types of heaters that are particularly suited to pools above the ground are above ground pool heaters. Electric variations are usually pre wired and quick to install, without having to be placed into the swimming pool.

Above ground pool heaters are small, lightweight appliances that sit or hang discreetly at the side of the pool.

Electric pool heaters for above ground pools operate by hoses which push on to the heater and go into the pool. The heater is then simply switched on and plugged into an outside wall socket.

Electric Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

Electric pool heaters for inground pools, however, are larger units, specifically designed for large swimming pools. These heaters are again placed next to the pool, and are still as efficient and capable when using them for smaller, less demanding pools.

In addition to temperature controls, some electric pool heater models have safety cut off features, which stop the heaters reaching dangerous temperatures by automatically cutting off the power.

Most of these heaters are made of stainless steel, though models constructed of titanium are becoming increasingly popular. As titanium is virtually immune to all forms of corrosion, it is an ideal material for use outside.

Electric Pool Heater Uses

The use of electric for powering swimming pool heaters is not just an efficient heat source, but is also safer than other alternatives as there is no likelihood of poisonous gases being emitted into the air.

Not just for pools in domestic environments, electric pool heaters are perfect for even larger swimming pools in commercial settings.