Electric Radiators

As the most popular form of heating today is through a radiator, technology has assisted in the development of electric radiators, which not only give warmth, but add style to a living or working space.

Made from a range of shapes and sizes, the electric radiator is an easy solution to heating requirements, and can be much more cost effective than plumbed in radiators, or when gas radiators might not be available. These electric heaters can provide instant heat on demand after a simple installation, which still maintains the efficiency of the radiator, as strong heating capabilities are paramount to electric radiators.

This form of an electric heater converts electrical energy into heat energy, which then releases the energy slowly. The radiators are fitted with intelligent thermostats which control the temperature in addition to regulating the electrical power needed, ensuring no power wastage.

Oil Filled Electric Radiators

There are many types of electric radiators, one being the oil filled electric radiator, which often features a built in fan for improved air circulation. Oil filled electric radiators are usually large, which makes them suitable for heating in large rooms.

Water Filled Electric Radiators

A popular option is the water filled electric radiator, mainly because this radiator can reach the same heat quality that a plumbed wet system can, from the use of water, and is an ideal radiator for any place that is difficult to heat.

Slimline Electric Radiators

Slimline electric radiators are suited to any environment and are an example of how adaptable electric radiators can be in small spaces, whilst still retaining their electric heating functions.

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Users of energy efficient electric radiators can expect to receive lower energy bills from the innovating aspects of these types of electric radiators. Energy efficiency is created from them automatically controlling the warmth of the room and using retained heat energy in order to be more economical.

Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Most of these radiators can be incorporated into wall mounted electric radiators or electric wall radiators, which add style from the innovative way they are placed in a room.

Electric Towel Radiators

Unlike the previous electric radiators, electric towel radiators are designed for heating bathroom towels, which can warm them even when the central heating system is not working. However, electric towel radiators (unlike electric towel rails) can also be used as radiators in their own right, and are becoming more commonplace in living rooms.

Electric radiators come in a variety of styles and designs, such as column style, flat, horizontal, and are made from materials such as aluminium and cast iron. Architectural, mirrored and period are more examples of different styles.

Other benefits of electric radiators are that they are portable and can be simply moved and plugged in anywhere. They are easy to install, and are more eco-friendly compared to gas and other radiators.

As electric radiators are so versatile because of the many different electric radiator models available, these heaters would be ideal for both domestic use and business use. Electric radiators are ideal for all areas of the home, and those models better suited to larger rooms would be of greater use to business users.