Electric Storage Heaters

The practical storage heater is designed to release heat slowly throughout the day when a room, mainly in the home, is occupied. Recent advancements in technology allow electric storage heaters to be even more energy efficient than before, as they only consume electricity at the time of day it becomes available at a low price.

Electric storage heaters, or heat banks, are deeper than conventional electric radiators as clay bricks are used for the storing of heat because of their vast heat capacity. The bricks heat up when electricity is turned on to whatever temperature is required, charging the electric heater, which is then kept warm for around 14 hours, with the stored heat being lost only slowly due to its surrounding insulation. Heat is stored during off-peak hours in the evening or at night for cost efficiency, which makes the electric storage heater a more competitive source of controllable heat energy, compared to gas and oil alternatives.

Two main controls, output and input, are found on most electric storage heaters. The input control regulates the amount of heat stored overnight, ultimately impacting upon the electric running costs, whilst the output control retains a balance between comfort and heat retention.

Electric Night Storage Heaters

Electric night storage heaters are the most common type of storage heaters, and are a perfect example of electricity being a less expensive way of heating. As they are solely designed for retaining heat at night, they are able to use cheaper off-peak electricity on special off-peak tariffs such as such as Economy 7, Economy 10, or Warmwise.

Slimline Electric Storage Heaters

Modern, slimline electric storage heaters often have automatic charge controls, which measure the temperature in the room, storing heat depending on how hot or cold the room is. This modern technology is a more eco-friendly approach to using electric storage heaters, ultimately reducing electricity costs.

Fan Assisted Storage Heaters

A perfect example of an efficient storage heater is the electric fan-assisted storage heater, which is skilled at using off-peak electricity. Instead of automatically releasing heat the next day, the fan assisted storage heater takes air through the heater and discharges it through a vent at the base, at a time of the owners choosing. The insulation is more than double the thickness of standard electric storage heaters because of the added fan feature, allowing less heat to be lost when in use. This type of heater is effective as it combines the benefits of both storage heaters and fan heaters.

One of the main benefits of electric storage heaters is the electrical aspect, which requires no plumbing for installation, and can simply be plugged anywhere into the room, giving storage heaters a practical function as well as being contemporary.  They can be used for background heating and are ideal for topping up cold spots and confined areas, but are also versatile enough to replace existing storage heating systems or other electric heaters.

Although electric storage heaters are designed to be quite compact, they offer comfortable warmth throughout the day, and are still economical by taking advantage of low-tariff electricity.

Electric storage heaters are ideal for both domestic use and business use as they can be placed anywhere, and automatic variations allow heat to generate even when nobody is present in both settings.