Electric Towel Rails

Electric heated towel rails are simple yet highly convenient appliances that are useful for all bathrooms and kitchens in the home, and are imperative for businesses. These electric heaters have become increasingly popular in recent times as heating advancements have allowed these heaters to provide an efficient source of heat.

Electric towel rails are an ideal alternative for when the central heating system has broken or is not available, as they heat and dry towels in the same way as traditional gas fuelled or electric radiators would. However, these heaters bring a modern aspect to the room, yet this does not diminish their heating capabilities.

Benefits of Electric Towel Rails

Not just for warming towels, the electric towel rail serves another important function of heating the whole room, which can supplement existing heating systems to provide an even larger output, and keep a constant supply, of heat.

The electrical aspect of these heaters means they can be simply turned on and off at will, and do not have to connect to pipes like what other sources of heat would require. Instead, the electric heated towel rail is connected to the electricity supply, which means they have more freedom to be placed anywhere in a room as they are not constrained by tricky installation considerations.

Oil Filled Electric Towel Rails

The heaters are filled with oil, and contain a filament which heats the oil. As the oil temperature rises, it heats the electric towel rail, which ultimately heats the towels and the room.

Electric Heated Towel Rails for Bathrooms

The most popular towel rails are electric heated towel rails for bathrooms, as the bathroom is where they are most commonly found. They are the same as standard electric towel rails but often incorporate added features such as in-built timers; a more cost and energy efficient alternative. Such bathroom heaters are becoming more popular.

Electric Towel Rails with Thermostats

Electric towel rails for bathrooms also often incorporate thermostats in their designs, again emphasising their cost and energy efficiency.   Electric towel rails with thermostats allow the user to control the temperature of the heater, which then automatically stops producing heat when the desired temperature is reached.

Electric Towel Rail with Timer

The electric towel rail with timer allows the owner to choose when they want the heater turned on, and can set it so it will only operate for a specific amount of time at a particular time of the day. This will result in less wasted heat when the bathroom is not in use.

Types of Electric Towel Rail

These innovative heaters are available as either electric wall mounted towel rails, or electric free standing towel rails. They both come in different sizes, and have either single or double tubes attached to them for the towels to hang on.

There are many styles of electric towel rails made of different materials including stainless steel and chrome, a huge benefit for modern rooms.

The electric source is another major benefit of these heaters, as electricity can result in cheaper heating costs when comparing it to other alternatives.

Electric heated towel rails are essential for modern day bathrooms and kitchens. Though not just for domestic use, businesses often use these heaters for hotels and salons as they are very popular with customers.