Electric Tubular Heaters

Designed for producing a gentle, radiant heat to supplement existing heating systems are electric tubular heaters. These heaters are very versatile alternatives to other types of heater as though they are very compact, being designed in the shape of a small tube, they can still provide a room with a sufficient amount of heat.

How Do Electric Tubular Heaters Work?

A tubular heater does not just provide heat for an area of space, however, but it is also ideal for frost protection or as a window de-mister.

Using an electrical source of heat, tubular heaters radiate low wattage background heat, which is a much safer alternative to heaters that utilise fossil fuels, such as gas heaters or oil heaters.

Tubular electric heaters usually come pre-wired, and are supplied with a mains lead, a plug, and fixing brackets to attach to the wall, which can be easily installed.  They work by being simply plugged into an electrical socket.

Electric Tubular Heater Installation

As these appliances are small, they can be installed anywhere, and can operate as either electric wall tubular heaters, or electric floor tubular heaters.

They must be placed horizontally, as this type of heater operates by helping heat to rise upwards, providing a warm coverage of heat to everything that is above the heater.

Uses of Electric Tubular Heaters

Electric tubular heaters can be used individually, or wired together to produce a large area of warm air, which is particularly ideal for large rooms or greenhouses.

This sort of heater is most popular in very small sizes. Mini electric tubular heaters are extremely adaptable, in that they can be placed anywhere in a room or outdoor area in domestic or working locations. However, this does not reduce their heating capabilities, as they are specifically designed to radiate an adequate amount of heat.

Electric Tubular Heater Safety

Electric tubular heaters with cut off features are one of the safer tubular heater options. In addition to being pre-wired, which itself is an appealing safety aspect, these heaters incorporate heat sensitive features, which automatically switches the heater off if it overheats.

Electric Tubular Heaters with Thermostat

More commonly found these days are electric tubular heaters with thermostats that are either wired in or used separately. Electric tubular heaters thermostats are highly practical as the owner can set the heater to reach a certain temperate, ensuring no unwanted high heating temperatures, though still maintaining a gentle amount of heat.

A particularly useful feature of these heaters is that just one thermostat can control any number of electric tubular heaters, especially when they are all wired together.

Electric Tubular Heater Running Costs

Using this type of heater is much more cost effective than other heating alternatives, as less heat is wasted because these appliances are placed horizontally, so less heat is pushed down.

The use of electricity may also lead to a cheaper way of heating. Electric tubular heaters operate on a low wattage, meaning that although they may not provide exceedingly warm heat, they provide comfortable temperature consistently.

Tubular electric heaters are ideal for all rooms in the home, and are even suitable for use as bathroom heaters if the heaters are hard wired. They can also be used outside, and can extend their use for business environments such as pub or restaurant gardens. In addition they are often used as greenhouse heaters.