Electric Wall Heaters

Electric wall heaters are so-called because they are affixed to the inner wall of a room or space in order to heat it. As with every electric heater, they work through the conversion of electrical energy into heat by passing an electric current through a resistor. Each electric wall heater will also be fitted with a thermostat to regulate its temperature. Electric wall heaters are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are generally considered appealing as they do not take up floor space in the room in which they are used, as most electric wall heaters are fitted with their own wall mounting or set of hooks for positioning wherever the user desires. Wall mounted electric heaters may also be inset into the wall depending on the dimensions of the room in which they are deployed, which can save even more space.

Electric Wall Heaters For Homes

Electric wall heaters for homes come in a number of variations to suit the needs of the user. The price of each variant reflects the number of features that the unit possesses. Basic models tend to be smaller and have a much lower output than the more expensive wall mounted electric heaters, generating enough heat to warm a room of approximately 150 square feet. Although basic models will generally have their own thermostat, it may only be a simple dial based system, whereas more advanced variants will have thermostats that include LED touch screens and displays. The more advanced electric wall heaters can heat much larger spaces, with some having an efficient range of 400 square feet.

Electric Wall Heater Installation

Other factors must also be considered by anyone who plans to purchase wall mounted electric heaters. The ease of installation may be a factor that can affect the decision of the buyer. Some heaters are already fitted with wall mounts and can quickly be installed in most rooms. Other heaters, however, may require the user to purchase additional components in order to mount them in the manner they choose. This is particularly common in heaters which require a recess mount, as they are often sold separately.

Another factor to consider in purchasing electric wall heaters for homes or for business users is the amount of noise that they generate. Cheaper models are generally much noisier than their more expensive counterparts and this could be an issue if one was considering an electric heater for a quiet office environment.

Other unique features that may appear on wall mounted electric heaters include auto shut-off devices, which cancel the operation of the heater if the temperature of the room rises above a certain level. Some heaters may include a remote control or directional air filters than can alter the direction of the heat that is emitted.

Slimline Electric Wall Heaters

Large, slimline electric wall heaters are available for commercial users. These heaters are more expensive, but are narrower than conventional electric wall heaters and thus take up less space. They are also much more powerful and can easily keep large offices warm. They often have much more sensitive controls systems to allow the temperature of the room to be very precisely regulated.