Portable Electric Heaters

Providing efficient, quality heating but at low running costs are electric heaters. Portable models extend the heater’s usability as they can be placed anywhere in the home or at work.

They are designed to supplement existing central heating systems, and can even replace them when the central heating breaks or is not available.

These heaters are intended for heating rooms that are occupied, and are ideal for those living on their own, which will dramatically reduce heating costs in the long term as people can heat single rooms and not the whole house.

Radiant Portable Electric Heaters

The portable electric heater generally operates with either radiant heating, or convection heating. Portable electric radiant heaters are ideal for heating specific objects in the room, mainly people, which surround the heater. The heater simply has to be pointed at the desired object for heating to preventing any wasted heat.

Radiant portable electric heaters incorporate various heating elements including quartz tubes, which assists in providing heat at rapid heat up times.

Portable Electric Convector Heaters

On the other hand, portable electric convector heaters work by heating all the surrounding air, particularly useful for when there are a lot of people in a cold room. These heaters often have in-built fans, helping air to circulate around the room, after air convection currents flow across the electric element of the appliance. The heat then rises as it is less dense than cool air, and increases in volume to provide a whole room with a constant supply of warmth.

Oil Filled Electric Portable Heaters

Electric portable heaters are often filled with oil, and are popular options for home and business owners as they run silently because they contain no fan.

Oil filled electric portable heaters heat the oil up inside the appliance, which is then released as heat over a period of time. These heaters are able to give out hot air for such a long duration as oil retains heat so well. As oil is generally quite heavy, this makes the unit very sturdy and durable, resulting in many years of efficient use.

Portable Electric Fan Heaters

Although portable electric fan heaters may produce noise during operation, they can nevertheless provide a rabid blast of heated air to a room. This type of heater is highly dependent on the fan, which pushes air past electrically heated wires, and out into the surroundings.

They are able to efficiently heat whole rooms as some electric portable fan heaters move from side to side to spread an even coverage of heat. Additionally, these heaters extend their versatility as they can be just as useful in summer months. By turning the heating element off, the heater can simply provide a cool breeze.

Portable Electric Heater Features

Most portable electric heaters have integrated thermostats and safety cut off features, two main benefits of these practical appliances. Also, the use of electricity means the production of heat may result in long term cost efficiency, whilst also being more environmentally friendly compared to other heating alternatives.

Portable Electric Heaters for the Home

Portable electric heaters for the home are nowadays very commonplace, though their usefulness has led to these heaters becoming increasingly popular for business users, and are particularly useful for cold warehouses and storerooms.