Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are a type of heating appliance that disseminates heat throughout the area in which they are installed by use of a fan. The air is heated by the motion of the fan and then circulated out into the room. Fan heaters are available in a wide range of variations. Fan heaters can generally be divided into two categories: wall mounted and free-standing.

Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Wall mounted fan heaters are supplied with mounting brackets and are ideal for areas where floor space is at a premium. A wall mounted fan heater is also relatively safe, as there is little danger of knocking one over. A bathroom fan heater is an example of this type, as bathroom fan heaters must be mounted on the wall and away from the floor: this is an important safety consideration in this particular application.

Free Standing Fan Heaters

Free standing fan heaters, which come in a number of designs such as tower fan heaters, have the advantage of being extremely portable and are not limited to use in a single location such as the wall mounted variety.

Ceramic Fan Heater

Fan heaters of any design are usually powered by electricity, which turns the fan. Within the umbrella of electric fan heaters, there are also several variations. One of the more recent developments of the electric fan heater market is the use of ceramic plates. These ceramic fan heaters work by passing an electrical current through wires within the ceramic plates, which subsequently heat aluminium baffles. The fan then blows across these baffles, heating the air and projecting the heat outwards into the room. This type of small fan heater is ideal for office or home use. More conventional electric fan heaters do not possess ceramic plates, but operate in much the same way, using metal heating elements instead.

Small Fan Heaters

Small fan heaters, such as the typical 2kw fan heater or 3kw fan heater, for home and office use are generally higher wattage than other heating systems, such as radiators, and so using many small fan heaters at the same time can result in high energy costs. Despite this, however, they do heat rooms in a very short amount of time, and little to no energy is lost in the heating process, making them extremely energy-efficient.

Fan Heater Options

Most fan heaters, whether they are ceramic fan heaters, wall-mounted fan heaters, or industrial fan heaters, will be available with various features to closely fit the needs of the buyer. Timers and thermostats are two of the most common options on fan heaters, as is the ability to use a remote control of operation of wall mounted and bathroom fan heaters. A number of fan heaters are designed to also operate as air coolers, using the fan to circulate air around the room without heating it up.

Industrial Fan Heaters

Large industrial fan heaters are available for use in industrial and commercial locations, and may possess additional safety features such as automatic cut-off switches in case of thermal overload. An industrial fan heater will generally have a comparatively high output rating, such as 30kw, and thus is only suitable for use in large spaces.