Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are an excellent solution for domestic, business and industrial users needing heat that is both powerful and responsive. As with electric heaters, there are many different types of gas heater: some are more suitable for home and small-scale use, while others are more suited to commercial and large-scale use.

Gas Fires

Gas fires are perhaps the most common type of gas heater. They have been popular in homes and workplaces for decades, and come in a variety of types. Inset gas fires are designed for small and medium sized rooms, as are wall mounted gas fires. Portable gas fires, on the other hand, can also be used in areas such as sheds and in greenhouses, and have the virtue of being easily movable. With modern gas fires, a number of display effects are also available: glass fronted gas fires and coal effect gas fires are two examples.

Gas Wall Heaters

Though they can be used in homes, gas wall heaters are a good solution for commercial properties and factories requiring effective, efficient gas heating. There are two main types: vented gas wall heaters and ventless gas wall heaters. The former are fixed in place but efficient at getting rid of waste gases, while the latter can be used in more areas, but have to employ different measures to deal with waste gases, and can also lead to problems with condensation.

Gas Patio Heaters

A common sight outside bars and restaurants, gas patio heaters are an excellent way in providing heat in outdoor areas where people wish to spend time. As their name suggests, they are also extensively used by homeowners in gardens and on patios. A number of types are available, including free standing gas patio heaters, surface mounted gas patio heaters and table top gas patio heaters.

Gas Space Heaters

Another option for those wishing to heat rooms of any size quickly and effectively is to use gas space heaters. Gas space heaters are especially useful for quick heating as they have been designed for this purpose: most models include a strong fan to expel heat quickly into the space being heated. Variations include models with thermostats, and free standing, wall mounted and portable gas space heaters.

Gas Water Heaters

As their name suggests, gas water heaters have the main task of heating water, either for domestic or business use. Gas water heaters can come with tanks, or without: the latter are known as either tankless gas water heaters or instant gas water heaters. Given the importance of hot water to leisure users, special versions exist for boats and caravans.

Industrial Gas Heaters

Industrial gas heaters are a class of gas heaters that are used for commercial and industrial purposes rather than domestic. They are able to heat large spaces very quickly, but as a result of this consume large amounts of fuel. Wall mounted gas industrial heaters are available, but portable models tend to be wheel mounted as they are so large that it would be difficult to move them otherwise.

Gas Heaters for Leisure Use

A number of gas heaters exist for leisure use. Caravan gas heaters are excellent options for users of caravans and RVs, especially if they are going to places likely to have no mains electricity. Gas camping heaters perform a similar function for those holidaying in tents, whether on campsites or in more remote locations.

Other Gas Heaters

A variety of other gas heaters exist to meet the needs of both domestic and business users. These include: gas greenhouse heaters, table top gas heaters, portable gas heaters and gas cabinet heaters.

Other Gas Appliances

Aside from heating, gas can power other appliances used at home and in commercial settings. The main examples are gas boilers and gas cookers.