Caravan Gas Heaters

Essential for caravan or motor home users, caravan gas heaters are able to warm whole areas of space by providing an adequate level of heat output.

Not solely for use in the winter months, these heaters can additionally ensure maximum comfort in the summer; therefore holidays do not have to be put on hold because of bad weather.

Most caravans are fitted with gas heaters, which are often portable, and can be moved from place to place within the caravan.

Some caravan gas heaters are fitted with blown air features, which do not just produce warm air, but circulate it around the room. Some models even include adjustable angles for directional heat.

Caravan Gas Heater Fuel

Caravan gas heaters generally run on either propane gas or butane gas, and are entirely dependent on the engine fuel supply. More energy can be stored when using butane gas, given its large bottle size, though propane gas is much lighter. Propane remains usable in freezing conditions, so is the best choice for caravan use in winter.

How Do Caravan Gas Heaters Work?

The caravan gas heater works by taking air from outside of the heater, which then passes into the combustion chamber having been mixed with gas during ventilation stages. It is then ignited automatically which heats up the surface area of the heat exchanger, and ultimately radiates heat all around the caravan.

These types of heaters are usually mounted in a bed-box or cupboard, piped downwards through the floor of the caravan, and out to the side of the vehicle.

Caravan Gas Water Heaters

Not just for heating the caravan, gas heaters are also able to provide multi-use hot water for outlets including showers and sinks. Caravan gas water heaters produce continuous, efficient hot water that can generally be used for up to three outlets in static caravans. They are often battery powered with a manual ignition that sends a stream of sparks to light the heater.

The caravan gas water heater, like a standard gas heater, should be mounted in the bed-box, or left floor standing for added safety.

Caravan Gas Heater Options

Caravan gas heaters come in a variety of coloured finishes, often black or antique copper, which can match the colour scheme of the caravan so they are not exposed. They can also be decorated with pebbles or coal, enhancing their modern design.

Caravan Gas Heater Safety Features

All of these heaters are incorporated with flame failure safety devices, a vital benefit for frequent caravan use, along with heat controls that prevents them from becoming too hot.

Caravan Gas Heater Benefits

The caravan gas heater is a lightweight and compact appliance, so can easily be transported from room to room, and with its smooth, enclosed motors, noise is kept to a minimum.

The use of gas means these heaters are cheaper to run than heaters that utilise diesel, for example, and with their low exhaust and noise emissions, they are kind to the environment.

Although these gas heaters are designed for caravans, they can extend their adaptability for use in any mode of transport. From motor homes to sailing yacht, caravan gas heaters can be used for either work or pleasure.