Gas Boilers

Despite modern technology, gas boilers are still the most common appliances for providing hot water and heat on demand.

They provide central heating and hot water all throughout a whole house or working environment, mostly using natural gas, propane gas, or LPG gas.

How Do Gas Boilers Work?

Although gas central heating boilers are fuelled by gas, heat is ultimately distributed through a building by water, which is heated up by the gas fuel source. A continuous supply of gas heats up cold water in the combustion chamber, and the hot water is then taken through pipes and around each radiator in turn, returning back to the boiler when heat is no longer needed.

Gas Boiler Installation

Gas boiler installation is relatively simple when the boilers are fitted in kitchens or bathrooms, and they usually have their own boiler room or cupboard.

Gas Boiler Maintenance

The older a boiler is, the more likely it will have problems. Gas boiler maintenance should therefore be carried out by a professional electrician at least once a year.

Gas Boiler Insurance

Gas boiler insurance is imperative for when the boiler is in need of servicing. Standard cover includes repairs, a certain or unlimited number of claims in a year, and annual servicing.

If a gas boiler persists with many problems, however, a replacement may be the best option. The majority of new gas boilers are A rated for efficiency and come with practical safety features. Some even differ in how they operate.

Condensing Gas Boilers

Today, most gas heating boilers are now condensing gas boilers because of advancements in technology. These particular boilers are highly efficient compared to traditional gas boilers, as they are able to retain a lot more heat from the amount of gas being burnt.

They are called gas condensing boilers as the water vapour produced during combustion is condensed into water, which leaves the unit through a drain.

Gas Back Boilers

Gas back boilers differ from conventional boilers, in that they still provide central heating to a house, but are instead fitted behind a chimney with a gas fire in front. Domestic gas boilers are increasingly incorporated with back boilers as they are much more compact that standard boilers, saving valuable space. However, they are still able to provide efficient heating and hot water to various appliances at the same time.

Gas Boiler Features

Gas heating boilers are available with many additional features, whether to improve their heating power or extra safety features. Gas boiler spares are available from many stockists incase any part of the boiler breaks and needs replacing.

Cheap Gas Boilers

Although many models are designed with advanced technology, cheap gas boilers are becoming increasingly common, and can often be more cost effective than repairing existing boilers. Low gas boiler prices are therefore one of the main benefits of choosing these particular units.

Gas boilers for home heating are perfect for any sized house, as they are able to connect to an unlimited number of radiators and water appliances such as sinks and showers. Similarly, larger gas heating boilers are able to carry out the same functions within business locations, and would be ideal for office use.