Gas Cabinet Heaters

As the weather becomes colder, a gas cabinet heater is a practical solution to help restore warmth back into a room.

They are simple appliances, though are able to produce desired heat outputs to supplement existing central heating systems, or even temporarily replace central heating for emergency use if it has broken or is not currently available at that time.

Portable Gas Cabinet Heaters

These heaters are otherwise known as portable gas cabinet heaters, as they can be moved from room to room in the home or working environment depending on what space is in need of heat. Wheels are often incorporated onto the bottom of the heaters so they are able to effortlessly glide across the room, then proceeding to heat it within minutes.

Gas cabinet heaters are totally self contained devices, without the need a power point, meaning that no pipe work or tricky installations are required.

As they operate by gas, most models have inbuilt piezo ignition instead of batteries, which helps the heater to produce heat by a small, spring loaded hammer which creates a spark when pressed.

The only installation needed is for a separate bottle of gas, usually butane gas, to be fitted into the rear of the unit, which is available for purchase from many stockists, and can be subsequently refilled easily when it runs out of gas. A gas hose and regulator are usually supplied with the heater.

The heating output depends on the type of cabinet gas heater, though are generally more powerful the bigger the heater.

Although smaller types usually have reduced heating capabilities, they are even more efficient at moving from room to room because of their lightweight designs.

Mini Gas Cabinet Heaters

Mini gas cabinet heaters are able to blend in with the surroundings without drawing any attention, and can save valuable space which there might not be a lot of in smaller rooms.

Gas Cabinet Heater Features

Some cabinet gas heaters incorporate additional controls such as temperature adjustment features, in which the owner can set the unit to radiate heat at their desired temperature.

They are available in different coloured finishes, though the most popular designs are in black or gray.

Gas Cabinet Heater Safety

In addition to being a powerful source of heat, cabinet gas heaters are very safe appliances with various safety features, one of the main benefits of these heaters.

Most models come with flame failure devices, in which the gas supply will automatically switch off if the flame is blown out for whatever reason. The heater will also shut off if it is knocked or tipped over if it is designed with an inbuilt tilt switch.

Probably the most useful safety feature of the gas cabinet heater is an integrated oxygen depletion sensor, which shuts down the heater if oxygen levels drop below an acceptable level, preventing any possible appearance of carbon monoxide.

The portable gas cabinet heater is ideal for domestic use, as it can be easily moved from room to room in the house, though larger sized models are useful for business offices, and even large stockrooms.