Gas Camping Heaters

Outdoor activities can be made much more enjoyable with the use of gas camping heaters. They are popular appliances designed to keep campers, and people who generally like being outdoors, warm by emitting a sufficient output of heat similar to a real fire.

However, a camping gas heater is much more reliable as building a fire is not always possible. They are portable devices which can be set up much more quickly than real fires for extra warmth in cool temperatures.

Portable Gas Camping Heaters

Portable camping gas heaters are particularly small and compact, ideal for moving them from place to place, and often incorporate carry handles, so can easily be transported by hand, or placed in a rucksack.

These heaters operate using a gas heat source found in self-contained gas canisters, which can be bought separately, within the appliance. Each canister can provide up to two and a half hours worth of heat at full power.

Propane gas camping heaters are the most common type of camping heater, mainly due to their impressive heating capabilities. They often perform better than ones which run on other sources of heat such as electricity.

The propane fuel usually comes in disposable cylinders that are inserted in the bottom of the heater for a simple installation.

Gas Camping Heater Safety

Although there may be a preconceived notion that camping gas heaters for tents are dangerous, they are actually very safe units providing the tent is well ventilated so carbon dioxide can escape. These heaters have increased heating capabilities as they are able to keep more warmth in the tent, given the relatively enclosed space.

However, tent gas heaters are intended for larger tents, generally those accommodating at least six people, to ensure there is plenty of distance between the burning heater and the tent.

Gas Camping Heater Features

Some models of camping gas heaters include adjustable heating angles in order to direct heat at certain objects, mostly people, which is a particularly effective feature in the winter months.

Most types of these heaters include variable heating, which hands control over to the owner, who can alter the temperature of heat output depending on their needs.

The gas camping heater varies in colour, and is usually available in black, green, blue and red, all of which can match the colour of a tent to keep a consistent theme.

The main benefit of using these heaters as opposed to sticking with a traditional camp fire is that they can be set up quickly, and can be used even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Though, gas camping heaters are perfect for all year round use, as camping is often at risk to very diverse weather conditions.

The use of propane gas in operating these heaters is relatively cheap compared with alternatives such as electrically powered batteries. Propane camping heaters are also multifunctional, in that they can assist in cooking food in addition to heating people.

Camping gas heaters are becoming increasingly popular for not just camping, but all outdoor leisure activities. They have also been used frequently for business use in restaurant gardens and outdoor entertainment venues.