Gas Cookers

Gas cookers have always been, and still are today, the most popular choice for heating food. They are practical yet effective heating appliances, with the standard four ringed hobs, grill, and single oven features.

Gas Cooker Features

The gas cooker is easy to work, often producing more dependable results than cookers operating by other sources of heat.

With these types of cookers, the owner has more control over what is going on because of the evident flame, whereby they can judge how much heat a dish is getting.

The most practical of models feature double glazed viewing windows for greater heat insulation, and often include oven lights for ease of use.

Like conventional gas cookers, portable gas cookers include adjustable heat controls; ensuring food is not under or over cooked.  Other features that may also be available with these cookers include removable plates, spill pan protection, and a pressure sensitive safety device.

The type of gas used for these cookers can be LPG (or liquid propane gas), butane, and propane, but the most common heat source is natural gas. LPG gas cookers have the ability to produce much lower carbon emissions than other fuel sources. They also help to produce moisture during the cooking process to help retain flavour in the food.

Gas Cooker Installation

Gas cooker installation is quite a simple procedure given that most gas cookers are fitted in the kitchen free standing. Freestanding gas cookers are not moulded into other kitchen appliances, and are designed to fit easily into space between appliances. Free standing gas cookers are usually smaller sized in order to be placed in a variety of locations, though still contain all the standard cooking features.

Gas Range Cookers

Gas range cookers, on the other hand, are of a larger capacity than free standings types, and usually contain 2 or more ovens, or one really large one, along with at least six gas burners. Also called double oven gas cookers, they obviously take up more room, but the extra cooking space and additional features they incorporate make up for this hindrance. Some even include separate grill compartments, warming areas, or even storage drawers, emphasising their practicality.

Portable Gas Cookers

A very different type of gas cooker is one which is portable. The portable gas cooker is a very small appliance, but still offers similar heating capabilities to larger cookers, which is particularly useful for campers and those who enjoy the outdoors. These cookers are extremely lightweight, so can easily be carried in backpacks.

Gas Cooker Spares

As highlighted, there are many useful features of gas cookers, though if any part of the cooker needs replacing, gas cooker spares are available from many stockists.

Cheap Gas Cookers

Cheap gas cookers are much more common than cookers running on other sources of heat, as gas is cheaper than electricity per unit, so will be a more cost effective option in the long run, a crucial benefit of these appliances.

Gas cookers for sale are ideal for both domestic and business purposes, thought the larger sized range cookers may be better suited to commercial environments such as restaurants or cafes.