Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Gas greenhouse heaters are ideal for both gardeners and garden businesses as they are highly useful and practical appliances for maintaining heat in the greenhouse. Not just for providing a warm output of heat, they are perfect for frost protection in smaller greenhouses. The heat also generates growth enhancing carbon dioxide which will also be of benefit to plants, emphasising the versatility of these heaters.

Designed for safe and efficient operation, the gas greenhouse heater will provide a desired amount of heat in all greenhouse environments, though the greenhouse must be well insulated prior to using these heaters as they are not piped. If it isn’t well insulated, costs will be high, and the greenhouse gas heater may not be able to provide sufficient heat when external temperatures are below freezing.

Most of these gas heater models are manually ignited, and are then switched off by turning the valve on the gas bottle.

Propane Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Almost all greenhouse gas heaters run on propane gas, otherwise known as LPG. Propane gas greenhouse heaters are ideal for protecting plants all year round, particularly during cold winter spells and are even beneficial during poor summers to ripen fruits.

Propane gas is a by-product of more natural gases, and has always been the most popular choice for heating requirements. It is also often used in its liquidised form, liquid propane gas, or LPG, which is also an efficient source of heating.

The propane gas greenhouse heater burns safely, and is more economical to run than other gas alternatives such as paraffin. These heaters are even more economical when they are incorporated with thermostats, which detect the air temperature around the unit. The heater is automatically switched off when it has reached the desired temperature, and then switched on again when the temperature has fallen. However, the thermostat will operate more accurately if the heater is raised off the floor of the greenhouse, as this will reduce the effect of the cold from the floor.

Natural Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Natural gas greenhouse heaters, on the other hand, are designed to run on natural gas, another important energy source for heating applications. They have full thermostatic controls similar to propane gas heaters, and provide a continuous, reliable heat. Greenhouse natural gas heaters are safer alternatives as the natural gas produces no odour or harmful fumes.

Gas Greenhouse Heater Features

The majority of gas greenhouse heaters come in quality, robust, stainless steel casing to ensure they will be a long term investment. They are available in different coloured finishes, including green, which will blend in to greenhouse environments so they don’t stand out.

The gas greenhouse heater is made to the highest of safety standards, with safety cut off features and a flame failure device, a major benefit for this type of heater to ensure they burn safely.

Greenhouse gas heaters are suitable for all domestic greenhouses, and can even extend their use for conservatories, providing heat where there may not be a central heating system. Given the powerful heat that these appliances produce, they can also be used in larger commercial greenhouses.