Gas Space Heaters

As powerful heat sources, particularly for chilly days and nights, gas space heaters (or or gas fired space heaters) are specifically designed for quick and easy heat in large quantities. Certain variations of these space heaters can produce large volume heating, suiting a variety of locations either in the home or at work.

A gas space heater is generally a self-contained device, operating on its own in one room, without the need for it to be linked up to a central heating system. This is for the purpose of the heater being able to effectively heat a small, or even large enclosed area. Space heaters can even extend their practicality to be used outside, as larger models can give instant, powerful heat.

Operated by gas, usually propane gas or natural gas, gas space heaters come in a variety of designs, and can be used as either portable or wall-mounted.

Gas space heaters are intended to be used during chilly days and evenings in the spring and autumn, when it is not yet quite cold enough to switch on central heating systems or fires, which ultimately results in a more economic alternative. However, gas space heaters can be ideal in winter for backup solutions, as a form of emergency standby heating when the primary heater breaks or is interrupted.

These types of heaters are available in both vented and un-vented models, though traditional models do often require vents. Gas vented heaters are generally thermostat controlled, which are designed to take up minimum space.

Propane Gas Space Heaters

The most popular type of gas fired space heater uses propane, which in terms of efficiency emits more heat and can also be compressed into a transportable liquid, known as liquid propane, or LP. Propane gas space heaters come in various sizes and prices, and usually contain additional safety features such as tilt switches which assist in preventing the possibility of fires. They are ideal for keeping a room at a comfortable temperature, in addition to being lightweight and compact, so can easily be moved to different rooms in the house. The ability to alter the temperature is a practical function of propane gas space heaters, which makes them convenient for use during both hotter and cooler days from the variety of heat settings available.

Portable Gas Space HeatersĀ 

Portable gas space heaters require a minimal amount of maintenance, which increases the practicality of these space heaters compared with others, as no installation is required. The portable function is generally a feature of smaller gas space heaters, again emphasising the minimum amount upkeep that is needed, as they can be easily moved due to their compact size.

Besides their practical aspect, gas fired space heaters are often a cheaper alternative, as the gas, particularly propane, generates heat produced by combustion rather than relatively expensive electrical heat. Propane gas space heaters are additionally relatively free from risk of air pollution as the heaters mainly release a combination of carbon dioxide (co2) and water (h20).

As gas space heaters come in a variety of sizes, they are ideal for the home, to be used in home garages and small workshops, and also for business use, perfect for large industrial units.