Gas Water Heaters

Found in most homes and working environments, water heaters are efficient appliances to connect to a number of outlets, and the most common energy source for heating is by fossil fuels, in particular, gas.

Gas water heaters, or gas hot water heaters as they are also known, simply heat cold water above their initial temperature using gas, which is then stored at the desired temperature of the owner until the hot water is needed.

Gas Water Heaters With Tanks

Gas water heaters including tanks work by convection, whereby the heat rises after cold water is injected at the bottom of the tank through a dip tube and is subsequently heated by a gas burner. The rising heated water is then drawn off by the hot water discharge pipe, ultimately supplying appliances such as sinks, baths, showers, washing machines and dishwashers with essential hot water.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters

A common variation of gas fired water heaters has no tank. Tankless gas water heaters, which are a more modern alternative to water heaters with tanks, instead incorporate advanced technology in their designs, removing the need for a tank for it to function effectively. Tankless gas water heaters can provide endless instant hot water on demand that requires minimum maintenance, their alternative names, instant gas water heater and demand gas water heater, emphasising this. They can be installed throughout the household and simply mounted to a wall because of their innovative compact design.

These conveniences do not raise heating costs however, as tankless heaters only heat the amount of water that is needed, which can actually cut costs up to half.

Gas Water Heaters For Boats

In addition to being designed for use in the home and at work, gas fired water heaters extend their adaptability in order to be used in less conventional locations. Gas water heaters for boats are designed specifically for marine environments have become more in demand as cookers and showers are now making appearances onboard. Boat gas water heaters can provide the same heating comforts as a home, and can be placed anywhere as a result of being tankless.

Caravan Gas Water Heater

Caravan gas water heaters are similar to the boat variety, in that they are adapted to provide heated water in smaller areas, but are still able to provide it for a range of outlets.

LPG Gas Water Heater

As these gas water heaters have no access to piped natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is used as a substitute which can be even more economical than other fuel sources. Instead of pipes, LPG gas water heaters heat water by bottled gas which still generates copious amounts of hot water.

Gas water heaters are simple, reliable and more efficient than electric water heaters, which makes them a more attractive source of fuel to heat water. They lack drama and complexity as warm heat can be generated immediately, an aspect that is especially appealing for both home and business use.

Domestic uses of gas water heaters can be for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and heating areas of a room, whilst business users can equally benefit from these types of heaters as many industries often require heated water.