Industrial Gas Heaters

Perfectly suited for business use in large warehouses, industrial gas heaters are designed to heat vast areas, whilst still being able to save space because of their compact, portable design. As industrial buildings can be cold locations to work in, particularly in winter, an industrial gas heater can ensure a warmer, more comfortable environment from morning until night.

These types of industrial heaters are available in either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, also known as LPG, but both have the ability to heat one big room which is ideal for industrial locations.

Industrial gas heaters function in a similar way to gas space heaters, which generate heat by gas fired burners located in the burning chamber, but are able to heat much larger rooms or spaces. These gas fired heaters are generally constructed of stainless steel, along with high density mineral wool insulation, which prevents heat reaching the exterior of the heater, a safety aspect appropriate for working environments.

This, however, doesn’t diminish the amount of warmth coming from the heaters, as a sufficient amount of heat output is one of the main benefits of industrial heaters. Heat is radiated into the room by being blown from the heater, which unsurprisingly may be otherwise known as an industrial gas blow heater, which is dry and clean without condensation or the chance of odours.

Industrial Gas Heater With Thermostat

Some models of industrial gas heaters are automatic, therefore can be thermostatically controlled with cut-off and overheat protection, in case the heater becomes too hot.

Wall Mounted Industrial Gas Heaters

For presentational effect, these types of heaters can be concealed by being mounted to the wall. Because of their reduced size, wall mounted industrial gas heaters are more compact and lightweight, making them more attractive for business use due to the convenience that comes from using them. They can be mounted with minimal difficulty and are generally designed for stationary use, which is ideal for industrial buildings that will be used in the long term.

Wheel Mounted Industrial Gas Heaters

Wheel mounted industrial gas heaters, in comparison with other heater variations, are much more versatile from their portable function. They can always be moved to different places within in a room, a necessity for busy, large industrial buildings. A wheel mounted industrial gas heater can also be used for temporary purposes; highly suited for use in the cold winter season, the heaters can then be taken away in warmer weather conditions.

In addition to being adaptable in different environments, industrial gas heaters are particularly efficient regarding their heating capabilities. They can reach desired temperatures in sufficient time despite being considered as simply substitutes to central heating systems, though unlike central heating systems, they save necessary space whilst still heating large units.

Industrial gas blow heaters come ready to use, eliminating any fuss resulting from installation, and are usually supplied with the hose, regulator and the excess flow valve used to limit the amount of maintenance.

This sort of heater is suitable for use in any type of industrial business, including warehouses, industrial units and even horticultural businesses. Nevertheless, the use of industrial gas heaters could extend to smaller workshops and garages that are solely for domestic use.