Portable Gas Heaters

One popular heater type able to provide heat output sufficient to warm large areas of space is gas heaters. Portable models are ideal for even the smallest of rooms as they require no tricky installations or pipe work.

Although they are not part of the central heating system, portable gas heaters (also known as gas portable heaters) can produce instantaneous heat at comfortable temperatures simply at the touch of a button, while saving money in the process.

How Do Portable Gas Heaters Work?

The heat source that is most efficient for this type of heater is gas. Portable heaters are made even more convenient by using gas, as they often include piezo ignition, which automatically ignites the gas when a button is pressed, producing instant heat. No mains gas is required for portable gas heaters, just bottled gas which is available for purchase from many suppliers.

Portable Gas Heater Fuels

A variety of gases can be used to provide heat including natural gas, butane and propane, though all provide clean, efficient heating.

Portable Propane Gas Heaters

The most popular type of portable gas heater uses propane, which can also be compressed into a transportable liquid, otherwise known as LPG.

Portable LPG gas heaters have the ability to warm up in seconds, and produce much lower carbon emissions than other sources of heat.

Portable Natural Gas Heaters

Portable natural gas heaters, however, are much safer alternatives, as natural gas produces no odour or harmful fumes, particularly useful for when using these heaters in a family environment.

Portable Gas Heater Designs

Portable gas heaters for home use will enhance any room they are placed in, as well as keeping it warm and comfortable. Some are even specifically designed to blend in with the room’s décor, with modern or more traditional heaters available, though both are focal points for any home.

Portable Gas Heater Safety Features

As portable gas heaters for the home are intended for use in family environments, they are usually fitted with flame failure and cut off devices. They automatically stop the heaters producing heat if they become too hot; safety features that are imperative for these heaters.

Small Portable Gas Heaters

Although the portable gas heater is generally more compact than standard gas heaters, it is also available in even smaller designs, emphasising their adaptability.

Small portable gas heaters can be easily moved from place to place, and require a minimal amount of maintenance, increasing the practicality of these heaters compared to other types. Not just for the home, these heaters are small enough for use outside, when camping or fishing, though not all models are this adaptable.

As noted, portable gas heaters are available in many different sizes and designs, and come in a variety of colours to match the room, in either a matt or gloss finish.

In addition to being highly practical, lightweight appliances, these heaters are often cheaper alternatives, as the gas, particularly propane, is produced by combustion rather than expensive electrical heat.

Portable gas heaters are perfect for home use, especially in sheds and garages where there may not be a central heating system in place. However, working environments can also benefit from these heating appliances, and are particularly useful in building sites and offices.