Table Top Gas Heaters

A convenient appliance for all weather conditions is the table top gas heater. Primarily designed for use outside in the garden, these heaters provide a sufficient output of heat which can withstand even the harshest of weathers.

Gas table top heaters allow people to keep their existing garden table and chair sets without having to replace them with one which will fit the pole of a full sized gas heater. They are significantly reduced in size compared to conventional standing heaters so the heat will radiate closer to the table, but still high enough to be out of the way.  They emit heat from the heater screen in a circular motion as the heat travels up to a circular part at the top of the appliance.

In addition to radiating warm air, the table top heater also produces a subtle light, emphasising its practicality and multifunctional nature.

How Do Table Top Gas Heaters Work?

As these heaters operate by gas, they often include piezo ignition, which consists of a small, spring-loaded hammer, which, when a button is pressed, creates a spark which ultimately ignites the gas and produces heat.  Gas is burnt on top of the heater post, which is then directed against a metal screen in order for it to radiate out of the heater.

Table Top Gas Heater Fuels

Table top gas heaters can provide heat using a variety of gases including natural gas, butane, propane, or LPG, otherwise known as liquid propane gas.

Natural Gas Table Top Heaters

Natural gas table top heaters are much safer alternatives, as natural gas produces no odour or harmful fumes, particularly useful for when people are in close contact with these heaters.

Propane Table Top Heaters

LPG table top heaters, however, have the ability to heat up in seconds, and produce much lower carbon emissions than other sources of heat.

Nevertheless, all gas table top heaters have the ability to create plenty of warmth to keep cold temperatures at a minimum so people can stay out in their gardens for longer.

Table Top Gas Patio Heaters

The most popular types of these heaters are table top patio heaters. Gas variations work in the same way as standard table top heaters, though are specifically designed for patio use in both domestic and business environments.

Table top gas patio heaters are ideal for those who like spending a lot of time outside as they provide a powerful warm coverage around the table. As patios are often one of the most modern features of a home, the table top gas patio heater only adds to the aesthetically pleasing design as they are available in stylish shapes and finishes.

Table Top Gas Heater Benefits

A major benefit of these heaters is that they are easily manageable, are of a compact size, and can be transported from place to place, perfect for any outside environment. Gas table top heaters are also very safe appliances with safety tilt cut off devices, and flame failure devices that will protect them from becoming too hot.

Besides for domestic use in the garden, table top gas heaters can also be used for businesses such as pubs and restaurants, and are an ideal way of attracting customers.