Halogen Heaters

A halogen heater is a type of heating appliance that uses halogen bulbs to generate heat. Halogen heaters have several benefits: they are generally considered to be portable and easy to use, as well as being relatively energy-efficient while still providing adequate levels of heat. In order for a halogen heater to function, they must be connected to an electrical power source. Halogen heaters are also usually fitted with adjustable controls, allowing their output level to be adjusted to suit the needs of the user and to be at an appropriate level in regards to the location in which they are situated.

Halogen heaters transfer heat through the medium of light, which is facilitated by the high temperatures reached by the halogen heater bulbs. There are two main types of halogen heater, which distribute their heat in slightly different ways. The first type uses a kind oscillating system to help circulate the air that has been heated from being in proximity to the heated halogen bulbs. This type of halogen heater is most commonly seen being used indoors, where a circulation of heated air is important to ensure that all parts of the room in which the halogen room heater is located are adequately warmed. The other kind of halogen heated is static and does not include an oscillation device. These are more commonly employed in outdoor applications where certain areas require heating in a more specific capacity.

Halogen Room Heaters

Halogen heaters can be seen to be used in a number of domestic and business applications. Due to the small size and portability of some units, halogen heaters can be an effective way of heating the home. Halogen room heaters are available with differing levels of output to suit the dimensions of most rooms.

Wall Mounted Halogen Heaters

Wall-mounted halogen heaters are also available for rooms where space is at a premium and where extra safety measures may be a concern, as there is much lower risk of knocking over a halogen heater if it is attached to a surface.

Halogen Patio Heaters

Halogen patio heaters may be used domestically or in a business setting, being a popular choice with restaurants and pubs that have outdoor seating areas. Most halogen patio heaters are fitted with automatic shut-off systems to ensure they quickly cease operation should they accidentally be knocked over.

Halogen Heater Running Costs

In terms of running costs, halogen heaters are considered to be relatively cost-effective. They can be adjusted to provide only as much heat as is required by the user, which can help to keep costs down by not producing too much excess heat. Furthermore, although halogen bulbs will need to be replaced over time, the amount of maintenance that must be carried out on a halogen heater is comparatively low when compared to other similar heating systems. Halogen heater running costs may be higher than other space heaters when the amount of electricity used to power them is taken into account, but the low maintenance levels and ease of use can quickly offset this cost.