Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are a type of electric heater that are designed for heating liquids, mainly water, as a backup solution for when the primary heat source, such as gas, is not available.

An Immersion heater contains electric elements that are installed at the top of cylinders in hot water tanks or containers that are used for providing heated water for bathroom appliances, etc., or for industrial purposes. The hot water from the immersion heater element is drawn from the top of the cylinder inside the tank where it has risen over the cold water underneath. This assists the water in leaving the tank to travel to the desired appliance as the cold water pressurises the hot water, helping it to rise.

The immersion heater element is wired to the mains electricity supply by an isolating switch, which works as a thermostat to control the water temperature. The thermostat heats the water to the owner’s desired temperature, which is then maintained for as long as it is switched on.

Immersion Heater Timer

In some models, an additional timer is incorporated into the immersion heater. Immersion heater timers enable the owner to set the times during the day or night that they wish to have the water heated. This feature could ultimately reduce electricity costs if the immersion heater timer is set to operate at certain times when electricity rates are at their cheapest.

Dual Immersion Heater

Dual immersion heaters are another type of immersion heater which, instead of one, contains two separate elements; a shorter one, and a second longer one. They ensure that that only one element operates at any time as the shorter immersion heater element heats just the top part of the cylinder inside the hot water tank, whilst the longer element can be switched off until more hot water is needed for larger appliances, such as baths. The duel immersion heater therefore offers a choice as to how much water is heated up at any one time, which is ideal for frequent use of long periods of time as it can take advantage of off-peak electricity.

Over The Side Immersion Heaters

Over the side immersion heaters are more practical variations compared to standard immersion heaters. They are designed to fit at the top of the hot water tank with the heater element hanging along the side or at the bottom, which provides easy removal of the heater and a large area of vacant space inside the tank.

Immersion Heater Element

Immersion heater elements come in a variety of materials including copper, stainless steel and brass, though all are generally long lasting and anti corrosive. Copper immersion heaters are normally used for normal water conditions, and for more hard and aggressive water conditions, titanium is more suitable.

In addition to being ideal for all conditions of water, immersion heaters are efficient appliances that can provide vast amounts of hot water for all sorts of applications.

Not just for use in the home for washing up, cleaning clothes, and bathing, an immersion heater is also perfect for business use, ranging from large factories for food processing, to smaller businesses such as laundries.