Industrial Heaters

Industrial heaters are designed for vast, cold areas of space, usually for large industrial or commercial properties. Business environments can often have particularly low temperatures due to their size, and, unlike the home, often lack central heating systems. Therefore, industrial heaters for sale are becoming increasingly prominent in the marketplace by providing large capacity heating.

The industrial heater is available in a variety of designs, and can be either floor standing, roof mounted, or even suspended from the wall (also known as wall mounted).  They are also powered by different sources of heat, the most common being either electric or gas.

Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial electric heaters are popular alternatives to those powered by fossil fuels, as although electricity is more costly to begin with, the long term running costs will be greatly reduced. These heaters can be easily moved from place to place if floor standing, as they simply need an electrical socket in order to operate. Various outputs are available with the industrial electric heater which depends on the size of the space in need of heat.

Industrial Gas Heaters

Although industrial gas heaters are more traditional, they still offer quick and efficient heating for large areas of space. The industrial gas heater is usually fuelled with propane gas, which often means cheaper running costs as almost all of the fuel is converted into heat. The majority of these heaters use piezo ignition, which automatically starts the heater running when a small spring loaded hammer is clicked.

Industrial Fan Heaters

One of the larger industrial heaters is one with an incorporated fan. Industrial fan heaters, otherwise known as industrial blow heaters, are one of the safer types of heater as they incorporate blowing air over internally located heater elements, greatly reducing the risk of fire while still blowing warm air into the room. An industrial fan heater can either be wall mounted or left standing, though both will supply extensive heating.

Industrial Space Heaters

Industrial space heaters, or industrial air heaters, are versatile appliances, as they can also be used with the heating elements switched off to provide a cool breeze. An industrial space heater is a smaller unit, taking up little space, though this does not diminish their ability to heat a whole room.

Industrial Infrared Heaters

Becoming much more prominent in commercial environments are industrial infrared heaters. They are recognised as one of most energy efficient appliances as objects, mainly people, absorb the heat from the appliance which heats itself to a high temperature, diminishing the need to heat large amounts of air. The industrial infrared heater is powered by either gas or electricity, and is not solely for heating, but can help to dry items such as walls covered in wet paint.

Industrial Heater Benefits 

Industrial heaters are easy to use and control, and do not need regular maintenance like fixed heating applications would, a main advantage of using these portable units.

However, these heaters can still provide comfortable temperatures as central heating systems would, even through severe winter conditions.

Industrial Heaters For Sale

Industrial heaters for sale are ideal for all large commercial environments, such as factories, warehouses, and retail units. They extend their adaptability further by being perfect for use in domestic garages and workshops.