Oil Heaters

There are two main classifications of oil heaters: those that are fuelled by oil, and those that use oil as part of the heating process but are powered by another energy source. Both types are efficient at providing heat in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, and are excellent choices for those considering buying heaters.

Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled radiators have the advantage of being both reliable and portable. They do not use oil as a fuel source; rather electricity heats up the oil in the radiator, which circulates to provide heat both evenly and controllably. Wall mounted, slimline and mini options are available, and these heaters can come with timers, radiators and fans.

Oil Stoves

Though having been around for many years, oil stoves are becoming more popular due to the ever increasing price of mains gas and electricity. Using heating oil as fuel, they can provide heat for a size of room dependent upon their fuel consumption level: oil stoves with higher rates of fuel consumption provide more heat, but are obviously more expensive to run. Due to their long record of relatively safe heat production, they are particularly popular on boats, and provide a good alternative to solid fuel stoves.

Waste Oil Heaters

With oil prices so high, waste oil heaters are becoming increasingly common, especially for businesses that produce large amounts of waste oil. Designed to use all types of waste oil to provide heat, they are an excellent way for any business to improve recycling and reduce costs. Though expensive to purchase, these oil heaters can save money in the long term. Even businesses that don’t produce waste oil are buying them, finding it economical to bring in waste oil to heat their premises.

Oil Space Heaters

With space heaters becoming more popular, many commercial and industrial users are starting to turn to oil space heaters to fulfil their needs. Compared to the alternatives, space heaters fuelled with oil have the capacity to heat a large space quickly and efficiently, and it is possible to buy large amounts of fuel in bulk, thus saving money in the long run. Oil space heaters may also be oil filled rather than oil fired, with infrared oil space heaters being a common version.

Portable Oil Heaters

Portable oil heaters come in many types, but as above may be divided into two main types: oil filled and oil fired. These oil heaters may be used in various places, both in industry and in the home, and as would be expected have many different options to allow customisation to specific uses. They also have a number of safety features that ensure any possible problems associated with use are kept to a minimum, an important factor with portable heaters. This is important as portable oil heaters can be used in places that are both hazardous, and open to business staff members or the public.

Oil Boilers

In remote locations with no mains gas or electricity, oil boilers are a tried and tested means of providing hot water for the home, or for business use. A number of options are available, including free standing, wall mounted and combi oil boilers.

Oil Cookers

Although rarer than the normal types of cooker, oil cookers are both reliable and efficient, and can be suitable for isolated areas.