Oil Boilers

Oil fired boilers are an alternative source of central heating that can be used for home or working environments that do not have a connection to a mains gas feed. Water is instead simply heated by burning oil, though these heaters still work in a similar way to gas boilers, providing efficient central heating to radiators.

However, the most apparent difference is that the oil is delivered and stored in a tank outside of the building, and fed directly to the oil boiler via a pipe.

How Do Oil Boilers Work?

The oil fired boiler consists of two parts; a combustion chamber, and a water tank. Oil enters the combustion chamber from the external tank, which heats the water. The water pump then forces the hot water out of the water tank and into pipes that supply the radiators throughout the building.

Oil Boiler Servicing

Regularly serviced boilers operate more efficiently and ultimately use less heating oil. Oil boiler servicing will protect the heating system and ensure maximum heating efficiency that will result in significantly lower heating bills.

Oil central heating boilers are specifically designed to fit in most kitchens or utility rooms, and can be fitted floor standing, or wall mounted.

Floor Standing Oil Boilers

Floor standing oil boilers are suitable for large family homes, and ideal for working environments as they have large surface areas and can produce vast quantities of hot water.

Wall Mounted Oil Boilers

Wall mounted oil boilers usually come pre-plumbed, and are more compact than others, so can be fitted in a number of areas.

External Oil Boilers

Like the oil tank, the boiler can also be fitted externally. External oil boilers are often built to high quality standards with mineral wood insulation to prevent heat loss and sturdy outer casing, enabling the boiler to withstand even the harshest of weathers.

Combi Oil Boilers

An increasingly popular choice of oil boiler is one which can provide hot water to a combination of outlets. Combi oil boilers provide both heating and hot water directly from one compact unit, saving valuable space as no separate hot water cylinder is required. Oil combi boilers ultimately reduce heating costs, while still providing a significant amount of hot water for radiators, taps, and showers.

Oil Boiler Spares

There are many variations of oil boilers, and extra features can be added on to existing models by using spare parts to enhance their performance or replace broken features.

Many oil boiler spares are available for both domestic and commercial boilers such as baffles, burners, nozzles, and oil filters, so there is no need to replace whole boilers, saving money and time.

Oil Fired Central Heating Boilers

Oil fired central heating boilers are excellent options for hot water performance and hot water on demand, and can offer as much efficiency as gas boilers. Oil is a much more environmentally friendly alternative, however, as oil fuel releases fewer emissions.

As oil boilers are part of the central heating system, they have the ability to provide heat and hot water around the whole of the home. Their large hot water capacities mean they can extend their use for businesses, particularly for use in large warehouses and industrial environments.