Oil Filled Radiators

When the cold winter months approach, thoughts turn to the best way to keep warm. Central heating systems can be costly, and there are alternatives in the form of oil filled radiators. These heaters have a number of benefits, in terms of design, cost and maintenance.

Users who may have central heating can still benefit from using electric oil heaters, as their mobility and ease of use mean they can be transported from room to room easily, and can also be a more economical way of heating your home or office. Within less than ten minutes, a typical oil filled heater can reach its maximum temperature.

Oil Filled Electric Radiators

Despite the name, oil filled heaters are powered by electricity, as their alternative name of ‘oil filled electric radiators’ suggests. They conveniently plug into a standard mains socket. The oil is heated and travels around hollow columns which produces enough heat to effectively raise the temperature of the room within a short space of time. Keeping an eye on the oil levels is also not required, as the heater never needs to be refilled. The process with oil filled radiators is virtually silent, which makes them ideal for office use.

Oil Filled Radiator With Timer

There are a number of various attributes which oil filled radiators may possess, each with their individual benefits. An oil filled radiator with timer, for instance, allows users to automatically govern when the radiator is on or off. Additionally, a common aspect of modern oil filled electric radiators is a built in thermostat, which is ideal for maintaining the desired temperature in a room.

Slimline Oil Filled Radiators

A popular choice for business users tends to be slimline oil filled radiators, which are easy to transport in and out of the office and can also go virtually undetected.

Mini Oil Filled Radiators

Another option for users who lack space would be mini oil filled radiators. Whilst they would not produce the same levels of heat as a conventional size, they have many advantages and will still make a noticeable difference on chilly days.

Oil Filled Radiator With Fan

In slightly bigger rooms which may take longer to heat up, an oil filled radiator with fitted fan may be more beneficial. These encourage air flow, which replaces the cold air in the room at a faster rate. Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiators

Wall mounted oil filled radiators are a popular option for many users, especially those from a business or industrial background. These radiators are fixed to a wall rather than portable, and can be wired directly into mains electricity rather than using a plug, if desired.

Benefits Of Oil Filled Radiators

As previously mentioned, the lightweight design and mobility of modern oil filled radiators makes them easy to use, however there are further benefits. One of the biggest advantages of oil filled heaters is that they are the safest option for heating a small room. Gas heaters, unlike oil heaters, are not recommended for confined spaces due to the reduced levels of oxygen. Also, oil filled radiators are safer around children as the temperature is always regulated, even when left alone for long periods of time.

Unlike a costly revamp which is required with a new central heating system, oil filled radiators are priced extremely reasonably and ready to use straight from the box – just plug in and off you go. With all things considered, oil filled radiators could be the perfect choice to keep you warm at work or at home during the winter.