Oil Space Heaters

Oil space heaters are ideal appliances for large volume heating where quick and efficient heat is required in vast quantities. There are two types of oil space heater: those using oil as a fuel, and those filled with oil: these latter heaters run by electricity, and do not burn any oil. They working in a similar way to radiators, but are portable and can be simply plugged in without any troublesome installation issues.

Oil Filled Space Heaters

Oil filled space heaters warm air mainly by convection, whereby the heat source warms the air next to the heater after air convection currents flow though the body of the unit and across the heating element. As the air is heated up, it becomes less dense than cool air, and therefore rises whilst increasing in volume.

These heaters consist of metal columns, and the oil flows around hollow cavities inside them when the heating element at the base of the appliance heats the oil up. The columns are typically designed thin so that the surface area is large to allow more air to be in contact with the heater at any one time, which ultimately means heat can reach the room more quickly.

Oil Fired Space Heaters

The oil fired space heater most often uses heating oil as a fuel, although some special models can be adapted to use waste oil, a type of oil that is generally used for heating purposes after it has become unsuitable for its original purpose because of impurities or loss of its original properties. Types of waste oil that can be used include hydraulic oils, gear oils, and synthetic oils, that all work as a cheap but efficient and clean source of fuel.

Oil Space Heater with Timer

A programmable timer is usually incorporated into an oil space heater, meaning that the heater can be set to heat a room at the owners choosing, so the house can warmed just before people arrive home, without the heater being on all day. When the timer is up, the heater automatically turns off, emphasising their cost efficiency.

Infrared Oil Space Heaters

A highly practical oil filled space heater is one that uses infrared. Infrared oil space heaters deliver heat fast and exactly where warmth is required as they can be directed to a particular space without the need for any air movement. These infrared heaters are multifunctional as they also emit a warm, subtle light, and are very easy to control and maintain.

Oil Space Heater Benefits

Oil fired space heaters are very safe appliances to use, as the surface will never reach temperatures hot enough to cause fire or burn injuries, though will still maintain a comforting warmth. They are great for heating air in both small and large well insulated rooms, and produce the heat soot free. The oil space heater operates noiseless, and the oil cools down slowly when it is switched off, so can be turned off for longer periods of time; another huge benefit of using these heaters.

Unlike gas space heaters, oil filled space heaters can be used in many confined spaces as they do not reduce oxygen levels when operating, so can be used anywhere in domestic environments. Nevertheless, these heaters are also suitable for business use including large warehouses and offices as long as they are well insulated.