Portable Oil Heaters

A practical solution to heating multiple rooms without the need for a central heating system is by using a heater that is portable. Portable oil heaters do not require any pipe work or tricky installations, and are simply moved from room to room depending on where it is coldest. They can be placed in even the smallest of rooms, but are still able to warm larger areas of space, and produce instant heat at comfortable temperatures at the flick of a switch.

Portable Oil Filled Heaters

Portable oil filled heaters usually incorporate durable wheels, cord storage, and carry handles, providing easy and convenient transportation. They are sometimes even available with castors, small wheels attached to the heaters, which allow them to turn and move in all directions, emphasising their transportability.

Like all oil filled heaters, they do not actually burn any oil, and instead are run by electricity, operating in a similar way to radiators, though are filled with oil. Similar to traditional oil space heaters, the portable oil heater mainly works by convection, whereby the heat source warms the air next to the heater after air convection currents flow though the body of the unit and across the heating element.

Although there are different types of portable oil heaters, those compromise of columns are the most popular. Oil flows around hollow cavities inside the columns when the heating element at the base of the appliance heats the oil up.

Air is then radiated upwards through multiple and narrow chimney-like features, which provide the room with fast flowing hot air that quickly heats it up to the desired temperature.

Oil filled portable heaters are most often filled with waste oil, a type of oil that may be used for heating purposes after it has become unsuitable for its original purpose.

Portable Oil Fired Heaters

Portable oil fired heaters, on the other hand, use heating oil as their fuel. As a result of this, they tend to provide heat more quickly, but can be more expensive to run than portable oil filled heaters. They often incorporate a fan component.

Portable oil heaters for the home will generally fit any sized room, and most come in standard coloured finishes such as white which does not damage the appearance of a house.

Portable Oil Heater Safety Features

They are primarily intended for family environments, and therefore feature the usual safety aspects that are available with most heaters such as thermostats, timers, and heat settings. These features not only prevent fires or injuries, but are also energy and cost efficient, as the heater can be set to operate for a desired length of time, or reach a certain temperature, which then automatically turns itself off once reached.
In addition to being safe appliances, portable oil filled heaters can be used for multiple purposes and often include anti frost functions, which does not just heat the room, but prevents frost from forming. These heaters are also usually the cheapest to run, though this does not decrease the high level of heat output.

Portable oil heaters can be placed in the most confined spaces, whether in domestic or business environments, just as long as the room is well insulated.