Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters are ideal for those who like to spend time outside in all weather conditions. They are suitable for all outdoor locations, from patios to gardens, in domestic or business environments.

The outdoor heater is particularly useful for the colder winter months as they can provide an efficient level of heat in unenclosed spaces usually by radiant heat. As outdoor heaters working by convection would carry the heat away in the air, radiant heating counters this by instead simply heating the objects and people surrounding the heater, preventing any wasted heat.

Outdoor Patio Heaters

The most popular type of outdoor heater is one specifically designed for use on the patio. Outdoor patio heaters are very versatile in that they can be free standing or placed on top of a table in which heat is able to radiate even closer to the desired objects.

Also known as mushroom heaters or umbrella heaters, the outdoor patio heater works by emitting heat from the heater screen in a circular motion as the heat travels up to a circular part at the top of the appliance. They are most often powered by gas, which burns at the top of the heater post, to create a powerful warm coverage outside that will provide a comfortable atmosphere for the people sitting outside.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

Outdoor gas heaters are perfect for all year round use; for continuous warmth in winter and on occasional chilly evenings in the summer months. They are most commonly powered by natural gas, propane, or liquid propane gas, otherwise known as LPG.

The outdoor gas heater is usually in the style of a patio heater, incorporating innovative designs that brighten up any outside setting with attractive flames that create a comforting atmosphere.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

Becoming increasingly popular in gardens are electric outdoor heaters. Outdoor electric heaters are simply operated at the flick of a switch, and are more energy efficient than other alternatives. They can still produce high quality warmth, with additional glow features that aesthetically enhance the heat given.

The outdoor electric heater can also be wall mounted to provide heat to a small, more directed area.

Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Infrared outdoor heaters emphasise the use of radiant heat, as they as specifically designed for energy efficiency by only producing heat that will be absorbed by solid objects and not wasted by only heating the air.

Outdoor Halogen Heaters

Designed for wall mounting onto a range of buildings outdoors are outdoor halogen heaters. They are ideal for when discreet yet effective heating is needed, and also emit a warm subtle light.

Outdoor Heater Safety

As previously stated, outdoor heaters are very efficient in producing high levels of heat for outside environments. This does not diminish their safety however;  most outside heaters are fitted with flame failure protection and safety cut out features, which automatically switches off the heater should they be knocked over.

Outdoor Heaters for Hire

In addition to domestic use in gardens and patios, the outdoor heater can also be used for businesses to provide heat for customers in pubs and restaurants. Outdoor heaters for hire are also very popular for when garden parties are thrown in both domestic and working environments.