Paraffin Heaters

Paraffin heaters have a long record of safe provision of heat in a variety of settings. As their name suggests, they use paraffin (also known as kerosene) as a fuel, which is commonly available in most countries. As a result of this, it is no problem for most users to run paraffin heaters cheaply and with ready access to adequate fuel supplies. Combined with their relative efficiency, this makes paraffin heaters an attractive option for home users, gardeners and horticulturalists, and industrial or commercial users.

Paraffin Heaters For The Home

Except in certain countries, in the past paraffin heaters have been mostly used in horticultural or business settings. Now, however, paraffin heaters for the home are becoming increasingly popular: their combination of reliability, adaptability and cheap running cost is attractive to homeowners that require an extra heat source to back-up existing power supplies. With gas and electricity costs rising and world supply of each becoming stretched, power cuts are likely to increase in frequency: paraffin heaters are an excellent standby for homeowners. In addition, paraffin heaters are being used to warm unheated areas like porches and garages to help guard against excess condensation and dry rot.

In some countries, such as Japan, kerosene heaters are a primary way of heating the home. This demonstrates that in terms of safety and reliability paraffin heaters compare well to other forms of heating.

Paraffin Greenhouse Heaters

Paraffin heaters have been used by gardeners and horticulturalists for many years; in fact, a specialised type of paraffin heater has developed known as paraffin greenhouse heaters.

Paraffin greenhouse heaters have many qualities that make them an ideal choice for gardeners. They are reliable, relatively cheap, portable, and can provide a steady release of heat over long periods.

The main function of paraffin greenhouse heaters is to provide frost protection in the colder months of the year.  To achieve this, they either provide heat at a uniform rate, or (if an advanced model) maintain the greenhouse at given temperature. Paraffin heaters can also vary in terms of size, heat output and capacity of fuel tank: this is essential given the fact that greenhouses can vary widely in size, from a few cubic feet to thousands of cubic feet. For the larger greenhouses, a number of greenhouse paraffin heaters will be required.

Paraffin Space Heaters

Paraffin heaters may also be used to heat outdoor areas, with the specialised type doing so being known as paraffin space heaters. These space heaters are suitable for heating all types of external spaces (and even large indoor spaces in factories and the like), and as a consequence are adapted for external use. Most are portable to some extent, though the larger models will need a nearby mains supply, as they can incorporate an electric fuel pump. Paraffin space heaters, especially when more than one is used, can provide excellent heat coverage, and are especially effective in gardens, on patios, and in the rear areas of restaurants and public houses.