Paraffin Greenhouse Heaters

A paraffin greenhouse heater is a variant of paraffin heater that is specifically designed for use in a greenhouse. Paraffin greenhouse heaters are fuelled solely by paraffin (otherwise known as kerosene), as the name suggests, and do not require hooking up to a source of electricity. This is obviously ideal for a greenhouse environment where electrical power may not be available. Like regular paraffin heaters, paraffin greenhouse heaters are available in a range of sizes which can be chosen according to the dimensions of the greenhouse in which the heater is to be employed.

Paraffin Heaters For Greenhouses

As with other paraffin based heating systems, a paraffin greenhouse heater works around the wick and burner system, whereby a wick directs the fuel upwards towards a flame where it is burned. This process produces the heat that warms the surrounding air, heating the local environment. Paraffin heaters for greenhouses will generally be fitted with a control which alters the size of the flame in the burner, allowing the user to adjust the amount of heat that the greenhouse paraffin heater produces. This allows a consistent temperature to be maintained in the colder times of the year, which can be extremely important if the greenhouse is home to plants that are very temperature sensitive. Regular paraffin may be used as the primary fuel for a greenhouse paraffin heater and this produces an odour when burned, but for those willing to pay extra odourless varieties of paraffin are also available. As paraffin is readily available and easily stored, this kind of heater is ideal for a greenhouse setting. A further benefit to using a greenhouse paraffin heater is the production of CO2 in the combustion process, which is important for plant growth.

Like other kinds of paraffin heater, there are two categories available: convection and radiant. A convection type paraffin greenhouse heater is cylindrical in shape and constructed out of stainless steel. This is the most common type of paraffin greenhouse heater. As the burner is encased in a cylindrical enclosure surrounded by a perforated surface, the heat is allowed to spread evenly in all directions. This allows the heater, or a combination of heaters, to be placed in a greenhouse ensuring all the plants receive the appropriate amount of heat. The other category of paraffin heater is referred to as the radiant variety. This type works by only projecting the heat in a single direction. As it is generally recommended that radiant paraffin heaters be placed with their back against a wall or other surface and their heat is only projected in a single direction, this type is much less common in a greenhouse setting, which often necessitates an even and consistent flow of heat throughout its area.

Mini Greenhouse Paraffin Heaters

Depending on the size of the greenhouse, one can choose between a range of paraffin greenhouse heaters, from the mini to the very large. Mini greenhouse paraffin heaters are the same as the larger varieties of paraffin heaters for greenhouses, but on a much smaller scale. Standard features include rust proof construction, which can be important in a moist greenhouse, and brackets which allow the paraffin heater to be fixed firmly to the ground or other surface. This is important to reduce the risk of the paraffin heater being tipped over accidentally, although some models possess mechanisms that shut off the burner should the paraffin greenhouse heater tilt below a certain angle. Even the tiniest paraffin heaters for greenhouses may have 0.5 gallon capacity, which sometimes means that they can burn for 14 days without refuelling. For business users who operate commercial greenhouse operations, larger varieties of greenhouse paraffin heaters are available. These large types may have features such as a fuel gauge to accurately monitor fuel levels and carry handles for ease of moving.