Paraffin Space Heaters

A paraffin space heater is a type of heating appliance that is fuelled by paraffin. Space heaters are generally larger than paraffin heaters that are intended for home use, and are different in design. A typical paraffin space heater will be constructed of stainless steel, and will take the form of a cylindrical burner laid horizontally across a base unit. This base unit will likely be fitted with wheels and a stand to allow it to be easily moved and then secured in place. Some paraffin space heaters, although they are fuelled by paraffin, also require a connection to another power source such as an electrical outlet or a portable generator. This is because a paraffin space heater will often contain a fuel pump, fan and various safety mechanisms which require power to operate. As paraffin is highly combustible, most paraffin space heaters have the benefit of safety systems which will shut off the flame should the unit be tipped over or run out of fuel. This ensure that the paraffin space heater does not continue to pump gas into the air after the flame has been extinguished, which could be extremely dangerous to people and environment.

Radiant Paraffin Space Heaters

Paraffin space heaters, like all paraffin heaters, operate through a wick and burner system, whereby the fuel is directed along the wick to the burner. Furthermore, there are two main types of paraffin space heater. The most common is known as a radiant heater. This means that the heat produced is projected in a single direction out and away from the heater. This is achieved by placing a reflector panel behind the heating element, which directs the heat out of the stainless steel enclosure in whatever direction the paraffin space heater is pointing.

Convection Paraffin Space Heaters

Other, smaller varieties of paraffin space heater may be the convection variety, that direct heat out in every direction, but these seem to be less commonly used as the areas paraffin space heaters are used in are generally fairly large and the amount of paraffin burned in the larger heaters requires a solid stainless steel enclosure for safety reasons.

Paraffin Space Heaters Options

There are numerous design options offered on commonly available paraffin space heaters. Wheel systems are common for ease of transportation and these are often matched with handles to allow the paraffin space heater to be pulled to its desired location. Fuel tanks of different sizes are available, depending on the desired output of the heater. Although many paraffin space heaters do not come with their own thermostat to measure the heat output, many newer models are fitted with connectors which allow an external thermostat controller to be fitted should this feature be desired.

Paraffin space heaters are popular in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces, and indeed it is recommended they only be used in settings with considerable amounts of ventilation, as the by-products produced from burning the paraffin can be hazardous in small spaces. Paraffin space heaters are often employed in warehouses and other large commercial spaces that may lack other heat sources, and their ease of use and relatively low price make them a generally appealing heating option for business owners.