Pond Heaters

Pond heaters are designed for keeping ponds free from the risk being covered in ice and other dangers these gardens features often face. A prolonged spell of cold weather can cause real problems for both domestic and commercial ponds, which the pond heater aims to counteract. Not just freeing the pond from ice, these heaters keep oxygen circulating through the water and help potential toxic gases escape.

The primary aim of the pond water heater, however, is to maintain an adequate temperature by heating the water’s surface, particularly in winter months. They cannot heat the whole area, and instead work by spot heating, though this enough to clear a small area of unwanted frost or ice and keep the pond at a healthy temperature.

Pond heaters are powered by electricity and supplied with long outdoor cables for a safe connection to the power supply. They are easy to use and once installed the heaters can be left in the pond and switched on in cold weather.

Fish Pond Heaters

There are many types of pond heaters for sale, the most popular being those recommended for fish ponds. Most species of fish will not survive in cold weather conditions, and toxic gases will poison the aquatic life, making fish pond heaters essential for all owners.

A fish pond heater generally has safety features such as a thermostat and a timer, preventing the pond, and ultimately the fish from overheating.

Floating Pond Heaters

Floating pond heaters are convenient appliances, as when the heating element warms the pond, the water rises up to the top of the surface aided by the float, to create an area free of ice. The floating pond heater is designed with added perching areas on top of the float so birds can feed and drink, emphasising their versatility.

Koi Pond Heaters

Specifically for ponds used to hold koi fish are koi pond heaters. As koi fish are used for decorative purposes, these heaters help these ponds remain a source of pleasure all year round. Instead of electricity, they operate by heat pumps which are significantly cheaper than other sources of fuel, even at low water temperatures. The pump heats the koi pond heater to the required temperature and then automatically switches off, helping to keep the fish in great condition.

Solar Pond Heaters

As their name suggests, solar pond heaters are the ultimate environmentally friendly heater, requiring much less energy than other heat sources.  They can either be submerged below the pond surface, or floating at the surface, though both are intended to keep the pond from freezing over.

Pond heaters are available in stainless steel or brass casing with protective circulation covers to ensure quick and efficient heat.

Pond Heater Benefits

Pond heaters are one of the most trouble free and reliable appliances for keeping ponds ice free, and often incorporate features making them work more effectively such as light sensitive switches, thermostats, and timers; major benefits of these heaters.

Garden pond heaters are not solely for maintaining healthy ponds in domestic environments, but can also make ponds in business environments, such as restaurants, very appealing.