Pool Heaters

A pool heater is a vital appliance for anyone with a swimming pool, big or small. Although they are simple devices, they can greatly extend ones enjoyment when using a pool for swimming.

Despite the fact that swimming pools are mainly used in the summer months, pool heaters counteract this hindrance, by producing heat that can warm any size of pool throughout the year.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Pool heaters, or swimming pool heaters as they are more specifically known, usually operate with built in heat pumps, which transfer water from the pool and into the heating chamber. Once the water is heated, the pump then transports the water back to the pool, and the process starts over.

Solar Pool Heaters

By far the most energy efficient swimming pool heater is one which uses solar energy. Solar pool heaters are simple to use, as water is simply circulated through solar collectors when transferred by the pump. This will result in low cost heating all year round, as once the solar panels are installed, the energy source will be completely free. In addition, the solar pool heater will significantly reduce the chance of producing any harmful emissions.

Electric Pool Heaters

Although dealing with water, electric pool heaters are a great solution to water heating needs. They are most often used to heat smaller above ground pools, or when mains gas is not available.

The electric pool heater works in a similar way to any pool heater, though the heated water is ultimately produced from an electrical coil that is immersed in the pool.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters mainly use either natural gas or propane gas when heating the pool. They heat pool water quickly by passing it though the heater’s combustion chamber which is filled with copper tubes arranged in the burner tray. The heat from the gas pool heater tubes is then radiated into the water, efficiently increasing the water’s temperature to an acceptable level.

Above Ground Pool Heaters

A swimming pool heater can be used in different ways depending on the type of pool.

Above ground pool heaters are often more compact and freestanding, intended as they are for swimming pools that are not fixed, and usually come out in warmer weather. A paddling pool heater is designed to heat above ground pools, often those with reduced water capacities, and can circulate warm water in just one hour. However, if the weather is particularly warm, the above ground pool heater can be easily disconnected.

Inground Pool Heaters

Although they are a more fixed solution for heating, inground pool heaters provide substantial heat outputs that temporary ones do not. The inground pool heater utilises any heat source in order to extend the swimming season to all year long.

Pool Heater Benefits

As only the power source is needed to transfer heat into water as opposed to creating heat, pool heaters are much more cost effective than other types of heater, one of the main benefits of these appliances. The variety of designs available also makes the pool heater ideal for all types of swimming pool.

Swimming pool heaters or paddling pool heaters can provide excellent heating for both domestic and business environments, and are particularly useful for commercial or home pool parties.