Multi Fuel Boilers

As their name suggests, multi fuel boilers are designed to burn not one, but various fuels when operating, such as wood or coal.

Also called multi fuel central heating boilers, these large heating appliances provide heat and hot water throughout the home or business environment, replacing central heating systems or integrating them within existing ones.

How Do Multi Fuel Boilers Work?

They contain large combustion chambers with easy access for burning different fuels, including sawdust, chippings, wooden logs, peat, coal, and coke. They are not intended to burn fossil fuels that are normally used in heating, as oil and gas will result in much more expensive heating costs given the large capacity boilers.

When fully loaded, these boilers will last between two to four hours using wood, and between four to six hours when using coal.

The multi fuel boiler has a high combustion performance, ideal for the winter months and when a large supply of hot water is required, and if operated correctly, can heat radiators at fast heat up times.

Multi Fuel Boiler Stoves

Much smaller multi fuel boilers are those that incorporate stoves into them. Many homes today use multi fuel boiler stoves as practical alternatives to more traditional central heating systems. They work in the same way as multi fuel boilers, but with all the added benefits of a real fire.

The multi fuel boiler stove acts as a standard living room fire, though does not only warm the room it is placed in, but provides heat to all the radiators and water appliances in the building. The boiler is often built into the stove, which it takes heat from in order to boil the water inside the boiler. The heated water then rises to the top, and is drawn out of the boiler stove and passed around all the required appliances.

Larger multi fuel boiler stove models contain double doors with viewing windows of the burning area.

Multi Fuel Stoves With Back Boiler

Becoming more and more popular are stoves with external boilers fitted to the back of the stove body. Multi fuel stoves with back boiler features can be connected to existing central heating systems, or run as central heating entirely by themselves.

These multi fuel fires with back boilers work in the same way as ones with integrated boilers, but are much more flexible alternatives, as a clip-in back boiler can be fitted to a regular stove at a later date. However, the multi fuel stove with back boiler may have a lower heat output than ones already integrated with boilers.

Multi Fuel Boiler Uses

All types of multi fuel boilers are very adaptable heating systems in that they can utilise a number of different fuel sources, which all produce efficient heating capabilities. With the price of fossil fuels becoming as costly as never before, more environmentally friendly fuels such as wood makes these boilers truly economical.

Many homes today contain multi fuel boiler stoves as they minimise dependency on larger existing heating systems. For business and commercial use though, large multi fuel boilers without stoves may be more suitable for their large capacity heating, and would be particularly ideal for warehouse use.