Multi Fuel Stoves

A multi-fuel stove is a type of modern heating appliance. In appearance, a multi-fuel stove is very similar to a traditional wood-burning stove. Like a wood-burning stove, it uses combustion to convert the fuel that is inserted into its chamber into heat, which will then warm the room in which it is placed. Multi-fuel stoves however, like their name suggests, can be fuelled by materials other than wood. The most obvious benefit of this to all users is the flexibility it allows in regards to which fuel is used, which may be affected by the area in which the user lives or works. Although multi-fuel stoves can be fuelled by wood and wood-derived biomass fuel, they can also be fuelled by fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas and natural fuels such as corn pellets, among others. The specifications of each individual multi-fuel stove will determine the appropriate fuel source to use.

The most common type of multi-fuel stove that is available on the market will be able to burn kiln dried logs and other wood fuels on their own, or in combination with coal. Often, when the fuel that has been inserted into the fire chamber has been used up, a gas or oil backup unit inside the multi-fuel stove will activate, and continue to generate heat.

Inset Multi Fuel Stoves

For domestic and business users, there are two main categories of multi-fuel stoves: inset and free-standing. Inset multi-fuel stoves require the building in which they are fitted to have an existing fireplace and chimney so that the waste gases and other by-products creating by burning the fuel inside the stove can be safely directed outside.

Free Standing Multi Fuel Stoves

Free-standing multi-fuel stoves are fitted with their own vent system, so are the more appropriate choice for properties that are not fitted with their own flue. Different sizes of multi-fuel stoves are available to suit the dimensions of the building in which they are to be fitted.

Small Multi Fuel Stoves

Small multi-fuel stoves are available for smaller properties and large, powerful versions are available for properties with more usable space. Each multi-fuel stove is fitted with a grate that allows the user to safely and easily remove any build up of ash that is produced from burning fuel. This operation must be conducted regularly to ensure continued function of the stove.

Multi Fuel Stove Benefits

There are many benefits to using a multi-fuel stove in both a domestic and business setting. Many multi-fuel burners use only renewable sources of energy, such as corn pellets and grain pellets. A multi-fuel stove of this type is much more environmentally friendly than a stove that burns oil, as the energy source is renewable and the emissions produced are much cleaner. This could be a consideration for business users who want to maintain their environmental credentials.

Different features are available on multi-fuel stoves which can affect the amount of maintenance that must be carried out and level of costs incurred. Some multi-fuel stoves can be powered by entirely smokeless fuels, while others can be powered by low grade fuel sources, which are much cheaper than standard varieties of fuel.